Saturday, August 29, 2015

Should I Go Ahead Without Her Approval?

Good Day Beloved Sister and fellowers alike.

I am confused as regards what to do. I have a girl my whole family wants me to marry. I too I love her so much and wish she can be the only woman in man whole world. On her own side is the challenge. She claimed she liked me and when ever we were together she does things that made me feel at home with her. Although the relationship is three years plus now and no sexual involvement. 

Each time I told her I wanted to see her parents, she objected it and I kept wondering what's wrong because she still continued playing her role to my family regardless of such refusal. 
Of recent, I asked her passionately and she told me that her first love had a blood engagement with her, did introduction(first wine not bridal rites) and travelled abroad. 

She also said that the relationship has never been any good either by communication or committement since the engaged guy left for over five years now. 
She insisted I should make inquiries on that upon my doubts. I did the enquiry from more than three different persons(because we are from the same village) but all decline knowing of such. 
I summoned courage and meet her father during one evening (indirectly) and he told us that none of her daughters is either engaged or married. 

Last week again, I revisited the introduction issue and she said she will come for us to talk. On her coming, she still repeated the engagement issue. I argued that such never happened and she said that her father said so because he was fed up with waiting. 
That even the father has visited the guy's family last easter to ask them their stand and up till now that they have not shown up in any form. 
My family is unaware of this engagement issue. 

Last two years, a woman I never knew before met me, gave me her (my woman to be if. . .) description and told me to leave her that her mind is else where. 
I did same but she kept going to my house in the village and still playing the good girl roles which made it impossible to tell a caring woman to go. 

I have prayed and met my Pastor and he comfirmed she was my wife.

I am very confused. Should I go ahead to take my family to them even against her approval?

If it involves the blood, please thread with great caution, wisdom and maturity. 
Blood is symbolic to life, covenant and death. 
The origin of life is in the blood, and if she had a blood oath with the other man, she can only be available for marriage when she has broken the oath with her estranged partner or she has been delivered of such oath and it's influence with prayers and fasting. 
Until she's liberated, I wouldn't encourage you to go on with the introduction plans or the relationship. 
What she's experiencing is beyond her perception and she needs your help to overcome the bondage that her oath has kept her in before she can be free to get married to any other person. 
To help her, seek for the contact details of the man and find out where the man is currently. 
If it is possible, let her seek for avenue to meet with him and nullify the oath if he's still alive or in captivity. 
Once the oath has been nullified and she has been prayed for, you will be free to marry her. 
Please continue to pray for her and support her in your own way but please do not venture into any further plans of marriage with her to avoid some preventable calamity in the future. 

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