Sunday, August 30, 2015

He Rarely Calls Me

Aunty Amara please just tell me what to do. 
Am 25 years old and met this guy whom I fell in love with. 
The problem however is that he hardly calls me on phone and am not happy about it. 
I have talked to him about it a number of times but each time he tells me he was sorry and that he does not attach any importance to the issue of calls. 
He will promise to change but still nothing. I talked to a friend about it and she's like I should give him time that it's not something I can change in a day. 
Aunty Amara please would you advise I give him time too or I should walk out while there's still time?
I love him but am not ready for a heart ache because of him. 
Please advise me, Thanks. 

Every individual has a way of communicating their views, feelings and emotion to another person. 
For some, they may prefer to chat while for another it maybe through phone calls. 
There are some who love video conversation and some who has a very poor communication skills. 
I may not necessarily say where your partner belongs to but I would suggest that you give him some time to figure out if he's the chatty type or someone who has poor communication skills or he's with someone else. 
Any relationship without communication will never see the light of the day because there will be a lot of misunderstanding, trust issues, poor self appreciation, and friction between the partners. 
One thing that you must not forget is that no partner has the capacity to change any individual, so you either adjust to enable you adapt to his personality or be honest with yourself and terminate the relationship. 
Do not fail to commit everything to God and seek for his guidance and wisdom to help you discern what you need and who has the virtues that you need to bring out the best in you. 

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