Sunday, August 30, 2015

Should I Inform My Husband?

Good evening ma,to the glory of God I got married(dowry) on wednesday with the help of your advices. 
As our custom demands,a newly married bride must go home with her husband and stay for four days before coming back to her parents house. 
I've gone and came back today happily and my aunt(mum's sis) wanted to kill my joy by asking me what they (my husbands people) gave me. That they supposed to bring me back with things like box filled with clothes(georges and gowns),shoes,undies,jewelries, with carton of soap and fish. 
Infact I don't understand exactly what she was thinking,though I knew something like that has to be done but no one is to dictate what he should do. 
Now my husband said that he will come to my house tomorrow and my aunt told my dad to tell him that he must do that before going back to his base or else she will tell him herself. 
I don't know if I should inform my husband about that to be prepared for them or allow them to tell him. 
NB Dad is not even bothered about that because he is used to city life and mum is not feeling too sound now. Thanks

Congratulations on your successful traditional wedding. I appreciate God that he has established you as his help meet to his destiny and success in life. 
Now your role has changed from defending and protecting your family to helping and supporting your husband. 
You wouldn't see where there's evil conspiracy and still be asking whether your husband should be informed nor should you see anything that may not be to the benefit of your husband and family coming to him and you are clueless on what to do. 
Now you owe your husband everything that he needs to succeed in all his endeavours and every counsel that he may need to do the right thing. 
Please call him immediately and discuss what you heard with him, also find out if he can meet the demands halfway and if your dad could help in minimising the cost of getting all those things that your aunt is clamouring for. 
The painful part of your mail is that none of those who are making demands for one thing or another will be there for you when you have any financial challenges. 
I will always advocate for prudence with finances when it comes to wedding ceremony because marriage begins right after the celebration and there're lots of responsibilities waiting for the couples. 
This is not time to listen to all the demands of everyone but time to help him cut down some costs so that you can channel your resources to what will strengthen your home and family. 


  1. Exactly! All these relatives wey dey carry first for other people matter sef

  2. .....And,if your 'husband-people' does not do it,what will happen? Will the marriage become invalid? What is the purpose of the box of clothes,et.? Are they your own,or is it for distribution to your aunties,etc.? If it is your own and compulsory,it can,and should be bought at anytime. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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