Friday, August 14, 2015

Should I Tell Her?

Good aftanoon ma ....may God continue to bless you and your family... ma sometime ago I told you about a lady ma husband was dating and you gave me some few advice on how to handle it and to the glory of God things moving well for me....
The lady in question called and apologised and asked for my forgiveness which I did whole heartedly including my Husband and  she calls once in a while to say hi though I tried as much to distance myself from her cos this is someone that vowed to destroy me.
I gave my life to Christ and I presented everything to him and the truth is prayers do really work but the issue is my prayer partner has been on prayer and  fasting (dry)she had a dream and in the dream she saw the  lady(hubby x-mistress) had an accident and  she died.
I rejected the  dreams but am still worried,do you think I should tell her with it becoming an issue or I should keep praying for her...Thank you ma

Dear sender, 
Please do not tell this lady about the dream your friend saw because it is not from God to destroy lives. 
Please do implore your friend to fast and pray for mercy and and for God's protection over the life of this lady. 
That is the only way to prove that you have genuinely forgiven this lady and that you desire that she be saved by the blood of the lamb. 
Christians do not fight dirty battles, they surrender all to God who is faithful to reward all according to their deeds on earth. 
I pray that God will protect her and destroy every manipulation of the enemies over her life and destiny. 
You owe her your prayers and love, please do not let any ear learn of this dream. 

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