Friday, August 14, 2015

My Girlfriend Turned Me Down!

Kudos to you madam and more grease to your elbow.
There is this particular lady who happens to be my immediate younger brother's friend but live in the same street which I also live in that same street too cos my parents built our house in that area.
I met this lady last two years when she was coming to our house with that my brother (note : they don't date each other cos my immediate younger brother has his own girlfriend ). 
My feelings for her grew last year and I expressed my feelings to her which she declined me first but later accepted me. 
I got fed up in that relationship due to her unseriousness i.e triple dating some irresponsible people which I ought to call off the relationship cos I easily got hurt emotionally if I sense such move.
This year,we reconciled and I told her we should continue cos she has been accusing me that am too proud cos I went to school and she didn't which triggered me to prove her wrong by calling on the relationship. 
There was this new girl that just moved in to our street about three months ago and the girl was living beside my house.
I so much love this girl but I stopped my feelings for this new girl cos of her "runs-job" and she was 21 years but this new girl respects my opinion(obedience) which I did too.
My girlfriend always showed me love before this new girl until she discovered that I always discussed things with this new girl and that really caused her attitude towards me to change which I ought to have told my girlfriend that I wanted to settle down with her in order to guarantee my love for her but she refused that she doesn't have feelings for me. 
I was so confused to hear that of which I have told her I don't have any relationship with this new girl and I also proved my love for my girlfriend in the present of this new girl (note : this new girl's mother and I were just a friend) and I have caught my girlfriend having an affair with some guys which I told her to choose between me and those guys with just three days to choose but she chose me.
Please I want an advice from my fellow AVL on how to handle this situation cos my girlfriend is still adamant to turn down my offer of proposing to her. Cheers 

Dear sender, 
In as much as you may have caught your girlfriend cheating on you, getting closer to another girl and discussing good ideas while she reciprocated by respecting and obeying you wasn't the best way to let your girl know how much you loved her. 
Having to prove that you love her in the presence of the new lady wasn't as important as letting your girl who you have been dating for years know that you had a friend whose name was miss b in your neighbourhood. 
My suggestion would be that you focus more on your partner and shed off the time you spend with other ladies. 
Let her know that you genuinely love her, and discuss with her on why she felt that you were cheating on her. 
Apologise and make amends where it's needful. 
You don't need to tell her that you hope to propose marriage to her, get a ring and begin the proposal when you feel comfortable and is convinced of your love for her. 
It's only when you propose that you will know her true reaction and not with many speeches. 
Please do not get distracted by many ladies parking into your neighbourhood lately unless you were not convinced of your love for your girlfriend. 
I believe that your girlfriend will forgive you and make amends where necessary. 
Commit everything to God and seek for his grace and wisdom not to make mistakes when choosing your partner in life to avoid regrets later in life. 

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  1. Until you propose marriage to a girl and she accepts,you are JUST A FRIEND just like her other male friends,and have no right whatsoever to demand commitment/exclusivity from her,and vice versa. Until then,please....stop confusing yourselves - she does not owe you. And,if you are not comfortable with her conduct with men(now without commitment to you),take your love somewhere else,and save yourself from stress both now,and in the future. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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