Friday, August 14, 2015

Will I Get Over This?

Greetings to my coach and mentor, thanks for your invaluable help and support in restoring joy and bringing several relationships together. I have been a keen follower of yours for a very long time now and so also is my fiancee who I guess is reading this right now.
By God's grace my birthday is tomorrow, wishing myself a happy birthday.
MA, my issue is a bit complicated, before we started dating, we started out more as friends and she told me then she had been through a relationship where she loved the guy but the guy dumped her and felt he wasn't ready for the big commitment stuff.
She felt broken and all of that but I told her she could move on from the rejection.
In summary we got together and even though we have had challenges its been a wonderful one.
Just last week she pinged me that she was breaking up cos her ex was back and even though she loves me, she has a foundation with this guy.
She begged me to understand. It was the worst moment of my life, as if my whole world was becoming blurry.
In summary she came back to beg just two days after,  that she had come to realise it's me she truly loves but was just obsessed with the the other guy.
I accepted her back and we were poised to make a fresh start.
Aunty I truly love this lady but I felt somehow ever since, am confused cos she attempted leaving me for someone else.
Will I get over this  with time? I need help because I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Dear sender, 
Your feelings are normal and your fears are understandable. 
You will definitely get over this with time but before we leave time to heal your wounds, I would like to make it clear to your fiance that it was extremely selfish and callous of her for her to jump from you to ex and from ex back to you. 
Dear fiance, 
Leaving your partner for an ex within a space of days and coming back to apologise only made you look like a lady who is not emotionally stable for a committed relationship. 
Please what foundation do you have with your ex? 
Did you take any oath with him? 
If he so much loved you as much as you felt, why then did he leave you for another lady? 
If you were obsessed with your ex, why did you choose to torture another man with your careless attitude? 
What if you were married to him,will you have expressed such attitude to him? 
If you feel that your partner isn't good enough for you, why not open up and let him know the truth? 
Please make amends and do not take the heart that loves you for granted. 
Please break every yoke or chains of your ex over your life so that you don't lose your treasure while chasing the shadows of your past. 
I had to be sincere with you here because I don't encourage any lady to toil with the emotions of a man who genuinely loves the lady. 
Please decide in your heart who to love and devote your heart to him so that you do not look like a loose end that can be blown away by any wind. 
A lady should be desired so much for her attitude and convictions not just for her beauty alone. 

With love patience and wisdom, I am certain that you will forgive her and help her remain stable and committed to your vision and purpose for your life and destiny in life. 
Please do well to encourage her and appreciate her irrespective of her weaknesses and do not forget to always pray for your relationship and commit everything to God Almighty. 
What God has ordained for your life shall not be taken away from you no matter the turbulence or challenges that may affect your relationship. 
All the best dear. 

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