Monday, August 31, 2015

Should I Wait For Him?

Good ma'am,how are you doing?
I am 25 years old dating a guy of 29 years,we started this relationship when I was 19 years. I was still a jambite when I met him and he was in his third year in the university.
After his studies and youth service,he decided to travel out for greener pasture since he couldn't find a work here in Nigeria. Everything was going on well,he calls me everyday,sends me gifts and and makes sure am always happy even though sometimes we have problem but we always settle the issue amicably.
I wrote to you about three months ago that he stopped calling me and I became worried cos its unlike him.
Recently he wrote to me and his family telling us that he was in a penitentiary cos he was caught at the airport on his way to Nigeria.
For some reasons I don't know whether it's true ,his immediate younger brother told me someone did a fake visa for him but I don't believe it's a visa issue cos I don't think an issue like that can keep someone in a cell for for months.
He said in the letter he wrote to me that he wanted to suprise me and his family, that was why he didn't tell us that he was  coming back that day ,that he was planning to come back and see my people to ask for my hand in marriage.
He has written to me severely this month begging me to wait for him that he will soon be out ,that I should accept his marriage proposal which he wrote in his letter so that his family can come and see mine and do the necessary things on my head.
He asked me to reply back to him since the letter is now our only means of communication so that he will tell his people to commence with his plans.
Ma'am the problem I have now is that I love this guy very much ,he is caring,humble and comes from a very nice family that I have come to like and they like me too but my greatest fear is whether it's a drug case cos I know cases like that last long.
The question I have been asking myself is how long will this case last,how long will I hold on?
Ma'am  please if you were in my shoes will you wait for him or accept his proposal ,Help me cos am confused.
Note: I am through with my school waiting for service and my prayer has been to marry before the end of my youth service.

I am also praying that God will perfect the desires of your heart. 
If I were in your shoes, I would not accept his proposals not because I don't love him nor trust in his words but because I would love to make further enquiries about where he currently is, what took him there and how long I am going to wait for his return. 
I wouldn't rely on what he wrote and allow his family to come for my hands in marriage, because I sincerely would prefer to meet with him and agree with him. 
I wouldn't because his family background is good forget that I will live with the flaws and virtues of this man for the rest of my life. 
I wouldn't be in a haste to doubt or accept him until I have made my own investigations, taken my time to pray and have been convinced of my decision on what I believe I can live with for the rest of my life. 
Because marriage is a lifetime journey, I wouldn't live with the impression that the man I knew some years back is the same today. 
But this is your journey and your decision to make and all I would suggest is that you look well, open your eyes and examine everything honestly before making up your mind on what's best for you. 
All I pray for is that you don't make any decision that you will regret later in life. 
They that wait upon the Lord shall be strong and they shall do great exploits in all areas of their life.

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