Monday, August 17, 2015

Should We Involve the Police?

Good morning Aunty Amara and fans. 
I am the lady that posted two weeks ago (Click Here for More) that her neighbour that nomally buy gift and making emphasis on her. 
Aunty,when I said he is my neighbour I mean whom I share the same flat with, Aunty Amara.  
The worst happened yesterday when he asked me out when I was cooking in the kitchen and was even touching me but I warn him to stay away that side and talk with his mouth, his wife and children were not around, he beg me not to tell my husband that if I do that he will deny and embarrass me.  
So I have to use my phone to record all he said, now my husband have an appointment with the lawyer that is in charge of the house and they have an appointment on Monday and my husband said if the barrister can not tell him to pack out within one month he will involve the police because he cannot continue to live with him in the same flat knowing that he want to sleep with his wife by all means, auntie Amy and fans, my question is, is our decision good, sorry for the long write up and grammatical errors,looking foward for your response,thanks and remain bless. 

Involving the force in a domestic issues like yours may not be the best option as this may not paint a good picture of your personality to your neighbours. 
The first thing like I suggested earlier would be for your husband to confront your neighbour and find out why he has chosen to destroy his marriage and the image of his wife. 
Instead of pushing that he leave which may or may not be possible, let you and your husband decide on how best to manage your neighbour or relocate to another place to avoid issues like this. 
Your neighbour seems to have a lot up his sleeve and you need to be spiritually discerning to avoid escalating this to blood bath or poisoning. 
Please thread with great caution and wisdom.
Please do well to share your thoughts on this. 
Thank you. 


  1. He might want to do something nasty before packing out of the house, because he seem to me like a man that is obsessed about you, and history has proven that a person that is obsessed can do the unimaginable just to get the person they are obsessed about...I think your husband should've talked to him man to man, before involving a lawyer. But since he has already involved a lawyer, I will advise that he is also taken to the police station to write an undertaking that he will never come close to you again and also pack out of the house within one month, but while waiting for the one month ultimatum to expire, please be careful with your foods as he could poison them, like I said above, an obsessed person can do the unimaginable just to get the person they are obsessed about, you and your husband should tread with caution. #enoughsaid

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  3. Libido is a natural phenomenon that even the police cannot quench....Men would always throw passes at you and i guess you might get tired of reporting such cases to the police...
    You made a mistake by even giving him the impression that you were ready to listen to him...You can't claim you didn't know his intentions when he offered his gifts so why did you accept them? you could have shut the kitchen door at his face if you were not interested in his sermon...
    ...We all have the freedom of speech and we also have the freedom to choose who to listen to...
    Pay no form of attention to him and also return his gifts...Accepting his gifts simply shows you accept his personality....if he choses to establish any forceful form of physical contact which is termed can lock him up in jail...There's no need for confrontation and negotiation with him...You don't negotiate with mad treat them..


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