Thursday, August 13, 2015

What are The Signs of a Lady's Sexual Libido?

Please Amara,  I need your candid advice
what are the signs that my fiancee has a high sexual libido I can't keep up with someone like that and I will be hurt if I find out she is cheating.
I suspect my fiancee is like that but I need signs to show.

Dear sender, 
When I read your mail, I was thinking exactly what were you indirectly trying to say which I do not understand. 
Female's sexual identity cannot be discerned by mere observing the signs or spotting a particular attitudes or attributes that may make her sexually wild. 
This is because a lady's sexual appetite evolves around how happy she is as a woman, how confident she is in herself and body and how much understanding and appreciation she has of her personality and her desire to explore the world of sex and intimacy. 
A lady who has a high sexual libido wouldn't demand that you pump and impress her with high penetrative sex. 
The beauty of a woman's body unlike that of men is that she has over nine zones of sexual orgasm so you do not need to destroy your body to satisfy her need. 
She may orgasm by mere romancing her boobs, kissing her ears, playing with her clitoris, using your fingers to search for the hidden treasure or by penetrative sex. 
In all she values connection and communication much more than your impressive act on her body. 
She wants to feel loved and appreciated. She longs to hear you say, "baby, your body is the best meal for my soul". 
She is happy seeing you devour her body like never before and to her that's more like having a wonderful time with a loving husband. 
That being said, you do not need to be afraid because of her sexual libido, all you need is to open your mind in marriage and allow her to explore the city of romance and the beauty of love making. 
All she crave for is your love, body and undiluted attention to her island of pleasure. 
A lady who has hairs all over her body may have the tendency to desire sex much more than those who do not. 
This is because the testosterone in her body maybe relatively higher than the estrogen which would make her desire sex just as men do. 
However it is not constant given the emotional intelligence of a lady as compared to that of men. 
So do not prepare for marriage with fears and worries about sexual satisfaction. 
You do not need to judge your fiancee with such attributes because she didn't create her body, God did and even if she has high sexual libido, it is for your pleasure and marital fulfilment and not for promiscuity or infidelity. 
Pray that God will give you the wisdom and Grace to be a loving husband and to meet the sexual need of your wife. 


  1. Hmm! Ma'am nice one. You re too great in all ramification .

  2. Hmm! Ma'am nice one. You re too great in all ramification .

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