Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Broke Guy Is a Loyal Dog!

 Dear sister Amara, After my ex moved to the US and ended the six years relationship and insulted me by telling me that I'm not a working class lady and that I'm not an independent lady forgetting how I stood by him all the while he was jobless in Nigeria, I just don't see myself dating a broke guy now. 
I'm so money conscious, I see my self weighing a guy financially before listening to him. I have come to the conclusion that a broke guy is a loyal dog. 
Please what can I do to go back to my old self because to be honest, I hate the person I have become.

If we let th the pains and the hurts of those we love reign in our hearts, we will never prosper in life. 
If we judge everyone else based on the error of one individual, we will always remain under the bondage of our past. 
For us to develop strong teeth, we need bones, for us to be emotionally stable and spiritually sound, we will be tested by some experiences which maybe at most unpalatable. 
Instead of letting your ex soil your good heart, I would rather suggest that you become better by giving out more love than you did in the past. 
Relax your mind and remember that true love is priceless and it takes a brave heart to give love even when you ought not to. 
When you reduce everything about relationship and marriage to funds and finances, you will be setting yourself up for temptation that may leave you feeling miserable should you end up with a partner who frustrates and reduces you to an object instead of a virtuous woman. 
Since he has gotten to the United States of America where only working class ladies live, bid him goodbye and wish him well because God is never mocked even when human beings makes a mockery of your personality. 
Get busy with your passion and vision in life and continue to press on towards excellence and self discovery. 
Entrust everything to God who is faithful, equip yourself with the skills and virtues that you need while hoping for a job offer. 
Relate with men first based on their identity, next based on their vision and passion in life and based on their responsibility index. 
A man can be rich and still be irresponsible, some may have great vision but may not be as presentable as you desire them. 
So judging a man based on his financial capacity maybe highly deceptive.
The wisdom of man may fail you but God never fails nor will he forget your labour of love and sacrifices. 
Leave it all to God, and allow him to guide you through this path of your journey. 
Give your heart to love and don't let your past experiences and pains change your identity as a lady. 
If you serve a living God, then you can never be put to shame nor God fail to favour you with the best of husband. 


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  2. My Dear, don't hate yourself, embrace your new self. What you need to do is to develop yourself and become an independent lady, then their is nothing wrong in a successful lady looking for a successful guy as well.


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