Saturday, September 19, 2015

Is This A Sign Of Impotence?

Aunty I really appreciate your effort in counselling people. please Ma this has been bordering me. 
Am a guy of 24 years presently waiting for my NYSC by next months. 
From my primary school to tertiary institution I never had sex. But I do have wet night. Even some time when am seriously writing I will wet my underwear. 
But of recent I went to bed with one girl only to find out that I cannot ejaculate I only witness pre sperm but I have again being witnessing wet night. 
Can this be spiritual effect or emotional disorder cause any time am with a girl alone sex do come to my mind but the implications that may arise will get me scared and I will never relax until the person left. 
Is this a sign of impotence or what caused it? Am scared, it may affect me when I finally get married. 

From what you described, I feel that what you experienced was a a result of anxiety and excitement coupled with fear of pregnancy. 
You have waited thus far so trying to steal the pudding may not be the best way to enjoy the meal. 
If you were relaxed and free of the fear of getting her pregnant or you were ready to take the responsibility for whatever becomes the outcome of your rompings, I'm certain that your rod would have been a magic wand that will melt her heart but that's not to worry. 
You are not impotent nor does it mean that you cannot father a child. 
You simply need to get focused on finding your feet in life before finding a woman to explore in marriage preferably. 
This is because anything you do now may alter your plans and vision for your future and that of your family so please wait for a little while to avoid buying the services that you may not need at the moment. 


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