Wednesday, September 30, 2015

All Her Friends Are Guys!

Good morning Aunty Amara you have been a blessing to a lot of people keep up the good work my question is I have a fiancĂ©e and I have already gone for her introduction but she doesn't have any female friend, all her friends are guys. 
Each time I confront her she will say that is how she was brought up. Am okay with it as long as she is not cheating on me but my question is it a natural behaviour for a lady to flow more with guys than her fellow girls and could it lead to cheat easily on me. 

People associate with others for varying reasons and purposes and it will be wrong to condemn anyone for choosing to associate with what he or she appreciate. 
A lady who grew up around brothers may not want to relate or relax with ladies. 
A girl who admires the strength and confidence of men maybe be drawn to making friends more with men than ladies. 
Some ladies may associate with men who are intelligent, creative, real and bold and unlike the shy, talky and emotional lady. 
But we cannot make a correlation to cheating by mere association just as it will be wrong to say that you have slept with every lady that is close to you or to conclude that you have the tendency to cheat because you have female friends. 
Cheating has to do with lack of self discipline and not as a result of association with men. 
Build your relationship with a clear conscience, trust and understanding of your partner's personality, commitment and devotion to you. 
Do not suspect or accuse her of infidelity when she's simply expressing herself in the way she appreciates life and individuals around her. 
Just as she said, that was how she was raised so it has little or nothing to do with whether she's a loose lady or not. 

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  1. For me I see nothing wrong with a woman having only men friends, it all depends on d individual who u really are, me I don't hav a single girl friend all my friends are guys and most of them are marred, I only friend ppl who add values to me and i add values to,my guy knows all my male friends and he has most of their phone nums cos am an open person, d truth is that most of d girls I once wanted 2 befriend was nothing 2 write home about, they keep on talking abt Kim K show, latest this and that all about material things, trust lekki phase one babes is about show, me I want pple that will motivate me, ppl I learn new things frm, ppl that wil make me work hard cos I depend on anyone, and I see that mostly in guys,i don't reason like ordinary 9ja babes cos of the kind of ppl I keep as friends. What u keep as compani accompanies u.


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