Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nobody Wants a Broken Home!

I need your advice because I read your post all the time also the idea people share together. I have my own problems that bordered me most time that was the reason I wanted to seek your advice. 
I met a girl two years ago we dated for a short while , the girl's intention was for me to marry her. Along the line I was not ready to get married then but both of us were good. 
Along the line she realized maybe I'm not ready for marriage then she got married still communication with me as friends and  even invited me to the traditional wedding but unfortunately I was not in Nigeria then. 
I came back after the traditional wedding, I met her as friend not for anything again because of how we 're good to each other. After she travelled out of Nigeria with the husband she met online again and asked me if I don't want to settle down, I told her I'm searching she laughed and later she asked me if I will like her to introduce her friend,  I said yes why not. 
Later she introduced me to a girlfriend when I met the girlfriend I like her but I met her a month before I left Nigeria, I did not have much time to study her very well but the little time I was with her I like the character but I suspected some strange calls but I did not call it anything. 
I never took her to bed for one day even to kiss her, she was very strict about that. Due to the good intentions I had for her that made me not to worry because I wanted to marry her. That month I met her I wanted to pay her bride price before I left the country, she said no let me go and come back I followed her idea. 
When I left the country I kept on communicating with her everyday, I called her more than five times in a day and were in good plans after six  months she asked me to send my people. 
I decided to leave everything until I came back to Nigeria she kept telling me to do that. I told her to wait until she accepted, I supported her finacially even in her studies.
Do you know what happened after we have concluded to wed this Christmas? I told her I will come back in a few months before the Christmas for the traditional marriage so we can fix our wedding date. 
I sent her a message from different state where she resides, after she went through the message I sent to her,she asked me to call her back later in the night that she was on the way that she can't speak to me then I said okay. 
I called her that night she did not pick up her phone after so many times, I called her in the morning a guy picked the phone and told me why was I disturbing her wife that  he heard about me and that I should leave her wife even as he is talking to me now she is pregnant for him. 
The guy was with the phone forty eight hours before the girl sent me  a message telling me all stories.The guy took the phone from her, she was not doing anything with him that she still pleading with me until now to forgive her that  she will not cheat on me again that it was the work of Satan while the sisters told me she was dating the guy since I left the country
We still communicate till now she always calls me on phone when I'm trying to forgive her when I remember the pain I feel not to accept her back.
I'm thinking she might go back to the guy after I have wedded her because I don't base in Nigeria
But I really love her, she keeps pleading with me that she will not do it again she never accepted she slept with the guy but I knew she did.
I need your advice, you know marriage is not girlfriend and nobody wants a broken home
Help me post it I need people advice.

Just like marriage isn't the same as girlfriend relationship, marriage also isn't for liars, cheaters and gullible ladies but for a committed and focused lady who knows her purpose beyond her appearance and her need. 
If within six months of knowing her, you already had some complicated stories, then you may need to take two steps backward to avoid making the worst kind of mistake which is getting married to the wrong partner for the wrong reasons. 
For now shelve every plans of getting married and find out who this lady is and what she's up to really. 
Forgive her and her friend who recommended her to you and maybe take your decision after much information about her ways and her plans in life. 
If you are not comfortable with her personality and her attitude towards you and the relationship, please do feel pity or shy about your decision on who to marry, let her know and let her go so that you can focus on a better and more responsible partner. 


  1. You should be grateful that you were privileged to find out exactly the kind of woman you were into and you also did well not to have yielded to her demands of sending your people to hers so fast..It could have made things more complicated...

    I feel you don't deserve such a pretender...She was putting all the pressure on you to send your people for the introduction to make it look like she really wanted the marriage plans to work out...I feel she's just desperate to be called wife...She's not ready to be a wife...

    My advice to you is simple....If for any reason you have any form of doubt over a potential life partner, It's advisable you cease from committing yourself with such a person till everything is made clear or you find who your heart is settled with devoid of any form of doubt...I know letting go might seem so difficult giving all the time, effort and finance you put into this relationship just to make things work but don't worry...A good wife is worth more than the losses...i pray you find her

    Do not go into a union with the hope that a partner will change...It has caused so much fatality in marriages..

  2. Hmmmm, just imagine a good guy like u, and d babe had d guts to cheat on you. I feel ur pain dear, but I will advice u leave her, cos she will definitely cheat on u again and again..


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