Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cultists Threatened To Kill Us!

Good day auntie Amara and everyone reading this. 
My story is a long one but I will try and cut it short, due to fear I can't reveal some certain details as I don't know who might read this. 
Am a humble girl in UniBen 200L, last semester I didn't get hostel space so I didn't know what to do as my family can not afford off campus apartment for me but my boyfriend solved that and I was living with his cousin in Ekosodin. There was one particular guy(cultist) that was disturbing me to date him, I told him no and avoided him I even went to the hostel to squat with my friend just because of this guy's disturbance. The guy was still disturbing me so I decided to leave Ekosodin and try and squat among friends. 
But on this fateful day after evening lectures I was going back home with my friend, before I knew it this guy jumped out of an uncompleted building with his friend and held me I was shouting but that road was quiet and filled with bush so no one heard me, my friend was able to run away and she went to tell my boyfriend what happened. 
My boyfriend came to see those boys trying to rape me so he hit one of them with a wood nearby that one fainted and he fought off the other one......... 
And from that day on that's when this trouble started we were so shocked when we got a text message that we have priced so we should know our lives are numbered, I was so scared how they got our numbers. 
We alerted the police immediately, the police followed us to arrest the boys but they were no where to be found, we went to school to look for their department only to find out that those boys are not students, infact all effort made by the police to catch the boys didn't work. 
One day my boyfriend was going to read with his friend then, an unknown gunmen shot him but thank God they missed and he ran away, that's when we knew that this boys were very serious. 
We ran away from Ekosodin and are hiding somewhere now before we got another message saying that do we think the police can protect us that we should not worry that next time they won't miss I burst into tears and started praying after I saw that message. 
I and my boyfriend couldn't attend lectures out of fear.
Some of my boyfriend's friends where even telling him that some group of guys were asking for information about him. I know one girl that knows a senior ranked cult guy so I begged her to help me talk to him concerning our case so he said that the only way they can leave us alone is if we pay for the medical bills of that guy that my boyfriend injured, and for us to settle the remaining men, and my boyfriend will collect small beating then we will be free if not we should know that they are already planning how to kill us. 
I asked how much and he said 150k I cried and I begged that the money is too big that they should please reduce it he got angry and cut the call. 
We have asked for advice from so many people and they all said we should pay them that nobody can protect us from them except God that even if we arrest the senior cult members that it will only get them more angry so the only way to be truely free is to do what they said. 
So my guy told his mum(his dad is late) and all she could send is 70k I can't tell my parents because dey don't have, all I will end up doing I making my mum's BP to increase. So my boyfriend sold his TV and some other things and raised 30k which amounted to 100k which we have given to them. 
Right now all that remains is 50k so I want to use this medium to ask please if any one in the house can assist with the money please am scared this boys have killed people for things less than this and we have till next week friday (that's when we will finish exams) to pay thanks to who ever can help.

I am not in any way doubting your mail but you don't meddle with the devil and go scot free. 
I may not know exactly why they had to bill you for N150000 but the painful truth is that there's no room for the wicked no matter how long they may exist and for you to agree to pay them for whatsoever perceived reasons raises a lot of concern than pity. 
Even if you finish paying them the money, there's no guarantee that your life and that of your boyfriend will be safe and painfully they will only intensify their threat to get more money and then adopt you and your partner into their cult. 
Now that's getting me worried if that was what you and your partner signed up for in your school. 
The worst that would happen that is if all you said was what happened is for you to either defer your academic programme or outrightly leave the school and not to meddle with them and still let them go scot free. 
We are not that terrible as you painted in your mail. 
While I will leave this for the family to figure it out, I'm sorry to say that I wouldn't be raising any funds for this for reasons best known to me. 

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