Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Borrow To Feed My Husband!

Greeting to you dear aunty Amara. Please I need your advice ma. 
My husband find it very difficult giving me feeding money. My salary as a private classroom teacher in the small place I found myself is just less than N15,000. 
I know my husband earns between N60,000 and N70, 000 but he gives me N6000 sometimes N4000 in a month. 
Funny enough he selects food and its pushing me into borrowing to cook and take care of home. 
Its only two of us at home because God is yet to bless us with kids. 
Please ma what do you think I do so I can meet up with life because even provisions and other house things I buy them. 
Sorry for my long wrong grammar. God bless you plenty ma. 

I feel your pains and agony and I pray that God will perfect the desires of your heart and make you fruitful. 
PLEASE desist from borrowing money to prepare food for your husband from today. It is not wise to borrow money when you could open up to your husband and let him know your limitations. 
This is not the best of times to borrow money nor is it the perfect period to impress your husband. 
You are married to him and as such should be totally open to him not to get your hands burnt because of his high class tasty meals. 
When next he tells you his choice of meal, kindly present the list of what you need to prepare the meal and the available funds in your hands. 
If he insists on you getting the meal for you, please plan your funds and buy what his money can afford, then prepare his meal for him because asking for money may make it look as though you want to collect his money using dubious means. 
Do not ask for more money, only present all that you need and please stop borrowing money to prepare his meal, it is not done and you shouldn't bear such from him in the name of being a submissive wife. 
Please do well to give me updates on your journey to receiving the fruits of the womb. 
Because God has decreed that none shall be found barren in the land, I pray that you shall be fruitful in your home in Jesus name Amen. 
Do not be discouraged by the temporary delay, our God is at work to perfect that which He has promised in His word for you and your husband. 
It is well with your soul. 


  1. Exactly @ aunt Amara,just prepare Wht u can afford nd when d money finishes,u let him know.pls it's too wrong to be borrowing to feed d family.

  2. need to stop that.
    When he selects meals, neatly write down the cost and show him what it takes to prepare his selected's either he pays the bills or feeds on whatever the available fund can provide...


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