Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Believe Most Men Are After Sex.

Thanks for all your wise advice in your page. You are a God sent to many......
I am a girl of 25 years and a final year student but I have not been into any relationship though as a lady I got many toaster but I don't give in to them cos I believe 99% of guys need a girl they will just use and dump.
I am this type that don't believe in long-term relationship before marriage. I believe in life that God already assigned our life partner to us and that he will locate me at the right time but most times I get a mixed feelings about decision cos am not getting younger ........
Am I on the right track? Clarify me on this notion thanks. 

After creation came nomenclature by Adam. He gave name and meaning to every little thing that God created but in the process of naming, he couldn't find any that will be of help to him. 
The Bible said that he didn't find anything that was fitting for him.
And God realising that it wasn't good for Adam to be alone decided to make a help meeting his needs. 
When he met eve, everything made sense to him and everything was perfect, exciting and fulfilling for him. 
In a man's life is a moment of naming and searching for the lady who will give them the support, encouragement and peace of mind that they so much crave for ever since they were born. 
If in your heart, you believe that any man who comes to you has just one thing in mind which is sex or your body, then you are indirectly saying that all you have to offer to any man is sex which is depending on how you view it not so awesome for a virtuous woman. 
Many ladies remain in the spot thinking about how every man is hanging out his penis looking out for any girl for sex while the wise and discerning women are busy equipping their life with virtues and skills that will present them as a help meet to their husbands. 
If you were a man, will you settle for the choosy needy kind of woman whose selling point is her body? 
Will you settle for a woman who has certificate without character? 
Will you settle for a woman who judges every man unfairly and has refused to humble herself to help those around her? 
Marriage doesn't revolve around sex alone and most men aren't really all out for sex, some end up taking the sex from the woman because they feel that they're doing the lady a huge favour and then leaving her when he has seen a lady who in all sincerity has the virtues and skills that he cherish in a woman. 
Beauty will always attract a man to you but whether you will become his wife or not depends on how much you have equipped yourself as a lady. 
So to avoid hanging out crying that no man is coming your way, and for your husband to locate you easily without thinking that you are another lady, you need to prepare yourself spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. 
You need to build healthy friendship devoid of sex and romance. You need to build friendship not based on the content of his pocket but on the strength of his character and personality. 
You need to drop your fantasy husband and humble yourself to learn more, listen more and love more than you desire to gain and profit from relationship. 
You will need to stop being the needy lady who gives a man great worries and become a helping wife who many men will desire to get married to. 
God has made a man for every lady but it's only those who have decided to walk in the footsteps of God's word that will have access to the man that God has prepared for her. 
Change your mindset and surrender your understanding to God so that He will give you the man he has prepared for you. 

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