Tuesday, September 15, 2015

God Knows Your Name

They made others presidents and HODs and always offer them front seats because they are rich. Even though you get to church early, they chase you to the back because the front seats are kept for the big guys and girls who walk in majestically while service goes on. They believe  you are good, only for the position of a traffic usher and cleaner and so even though you pray better than every other person, your HOD is someone who doesn't know where the book of Nehemiah is.

You are always on your knees praying for that servant of God; you wake up every day before the throne of grace on behalf of that ministry and yet, no one recognizes you, the pastor doesn't even allow you enter his office. 

A poor old woman was always on her knees for her local church. She didn't have money to give and so no one recognized her. As soon as the old woman died, negative things began to happen and the church started decreasing in number.

The pastor was worried and decided to seek the face of God. What God showed him left him in shock. The poor old woman was the powerhouse of his ministry. He kept his eyes on the publicized prayer warriors and rich men who were bringing in money. His attitude changed after that revelation.

I know they don't recognize you; I know they think you are not useful because you can't speak good English or dress well and your name is not out there.

Don't worry. Don't stop yet. You could be the one holding that ministry. Man may not recognize you but heaven does. Your husband, wife, siblings, or parents may think you are useless, they don't know that your knees are keeping them. I know that my father's knees are keeping me and even though he is not rich, I love him and I am eternally grateful to God for such a father.

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