Sunday, September 27, 2015

He Has Been Sleeping with Prostitutes!

Good day aunty Amara, please am really down I need your advice. 
I got married to the love of my life but after a year he started changing towards me, he was no longer caring and loving man I got married to. 
My first child is 2 years plus while my second is just a month and two weeks old. I loved him to the extent that I can do anything to make him happy. 
He doesn't appreciate me. 
There was a day he confessed to me that he has been sleeping with prostitues and I forgave him. Anytime we have problems, he will say that am a bad luck and a destiny changer and this was a man that I have fasted and prayed for, somone that I have supported. 
He close by and comes home after 10pm and if I call him to ask of his whereabout he will not pick my calls and if he comes back he will ask me why I was calling him. 
There was a day my hubby insulted my mum just because my mum advised him not to come late again, he called my mum a lot of name because he was drunk but later he apologised only to my mum. 
I tried to forget and forgive him but the pain was too much. Please advice me what to do.

When God made a man the head of the home, his purpose was so that man will present himself and his wife and children to him, intercede on their behalf and to be a role model for his family. 
However, when the man is spiritually and emotionally unstable, it leaves the wife with a huge responsibility to stand in the gap and intercede for her husband and her home. 
It's one of the most difficult task that a wife can do but not impossible with God's grace, patience, understanding and perseverance. 
For him to be the love of your life shows that there are qualities and attributes of his personality which got you attracted to him and made you desire to share your world with him. 
They made you feel complete and fulfilled as his wife and companion and for one year gave you many reasons to be grateful. 
Now that his true personality has been revealed to you, you have to first understand that without forgiveness and patience, there is no way that your marriage will survive the storms and challenges of life. 
You need to forgive him for all his shortcomings and have a heart to heart discussion with him to find out ways to support him and help him overcome his challenges. 
You will need to cover him up and help him in his areas of weakness. You may need to ignore some of his attitudes which hurt you and seek for ways to draw him close to God and his family. 
Because he's spiritually unstable, he will always accuse you of being the source of his failure and misery even when his choices and decisions took him to his destination. 
Please ignore some of his unpleasant attitude and continue to intercede for him with prayers and encouraging words. 
Appreciate him for who he is, irrespective of what he feels about you and your children. 
Be patient with him and revive areas of your marriage which may have been neglected as a result of your children and the challenges of your home. 
Please do not ignore your sexual intimacy when you are fit for it so that you do not give room for the devil to destroy your marriage. 
Your battle isn't a physical one and as such demands that you intercede for him in prayers while you remain focused on helping him discover his roles and responsibilities as your husband and companion. 


  1. It's such a pity..
    Dear poster..
    This is a difficult situation but for him to have openly confessed to you shows that all hope is not lost...
    I believe he wants to stop but the resistive force behind him is just too strong..
    Most times...We find ourselves doing things we don't want to do and not doing those we want to do...That's the power of sin..
    Cheating and Drinking are serious addictions that could be so difficult to stop by mere human ability...
    This is the time to make that love and vow you professed to him on your wedding day count...The real test of love lies in difficult situations when the going is tough..
    He wants to change....You need to go down on your knees and intercede on his behalf...There is nothing God cannot do...Pray for him...Don't give up on him


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