Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Feel Miserable!

Good day to you and happy sunday to you and everyone. 
I'm married and I'm almost eight months pregnant and it's my first child...
I can't bend to bathe myself or cut my toe nails..
I complained to my husband and he said he would hire a nanny to bathe me. 
Also I should call aboki to cut my nails for 50# I felt really bad..
Whenever we have a slight argument he will say that he was forced to marry me..
I feel very miserable..

Maybe he was forced to marry you but that's not important to you now, what matters is that you are married to him and he has to take the responsibility for you and your unborn child. 
Ignore him when he whine and nag about being forced to get married and focus more on your health and safety of your baby. 
While he may not be kind enough to help bathe you or cut your toe nails, please be patient with him and don't let this weigh you down. 
Take your time to understand his personality and find ways to communicate with him with all patience, understanding and humility of heart. 
Show some courtesy when you make request from him and appreciate his little efforts with some kind compliments. 
Don't take everything too serious, but take some of them as jokes and do away with them. 
Not all men understand how best to support their wives when they are pregnant but with time and patience, some of them learn to appreciate the sacrifice and challenges that comes with pregnancy. 
I pray for safe delivery and no complications and that God will provide all that you need to take care of your precious baby. 

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