Monday, September 28, 2015

His Attitude is Driving Me Crazy!

Good morning ma,please ma I need your help. 
My husband do claim he loves me but he has been cheating on me with different girls and that also includes his ex who is now married. 
He talks about sex with them on whatsapp and even goes as far as sharing his naked pictures with them.
He discussed practically everything with some of them before telling me about it.
When I confronted him, he denied everything telling me to take it easy else I will die on time. 
The girlfriends call him at odd hours,  not minding my presence would pick pretending it was just a friendly call.
Ma I loved my husband so much and I really don't know what to do.
My marriage is just nine months and am yet to concieve.
Please I need your advice cos his attitude is really driving me crazy.

I'm tempted to ask you how much you knew this man before getting married to him and the kind of marriage you contracted with him because it's too early in the day to have such an experience with a man who at least should be excited about your presence in his life for life. 
It seems as though he a chronic cheat who from the little you wrote doesn't see anything wrong with sharing his nude pictures with his ex and other friends. 
Who knows what happens when he leaves the home for work and how will you battle with the fear of contracting infections and diseases and having regular sex that will help you conceive. 
I feel that you may need to work closely with your husband and your pastor or elderly man who he respects and will listen to so that he will settle down and focus on his family. 
It's disturbing that he talks with his girlfriends even when he's with you and defends his actions as though he's doing you a favour. 
It's not beyond redemption however but you will need to give your heart to prayers and God's words. 
Instead of confronting, try communicating with him to find out more about his personality and his weaknesses. 
I don't know how your dating was but now is the best time to date your husband and simply learn more about him and what makes him do the things he does. 
Do not make assumptions or lose patience with him so that you do not choke your marriage with so much fear, doubts and insecurity. 
Nine months isn't too long a time for you not to have conceived and you need to make love to your husband as often as possible to enable you maximise every chances of conception. 
Missionary position with pillow at your buttocks is much better than some other positions. 
I am hopeful that God will give you the grace, wisdom and patience to help win the heart of your husband to you and that he shall perfect the desires of your heart in due course. 


  1. Some people Say marriage is a Beautiful thing,Even it is biblical But Now I wonder, is it still so with all this marriage issues everyday on ur page Aunty Amara Cos it got me thinking as a single lady

  2. Do you know how many ladies who's handle your case and they shut their month and keep on doing what's the best for their focus. Please go ahead there's not a man nowadays who doesn't cheat on.

  3. @Nma: We CANNOT get God's results by doing things our way. If you want Bible-results,please,also do it the Bible-way. As long as we keep violating God's laws concerning relationships and marriage,we will keep creating disasters. His laws are not really about Morals,as they are about SAFETY. If you don't want your building to collapse,then,don't build with sub-standard materials. As long as we keep violating SAFETY rules,Accidents will be normal. It is not a curse; it is just a CONSEQUENCE!

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