Thursday, September 17, 2015

He Kept Pressurising Me About Sex!

Good morning aunty Amara, please I need your advice on this and that of your fans, there is this guy I met in June, so he approached me which I accepted. Initially I told him no sex in the relationship and he said sex is not love. 
I noticed that he has never been transparent with me, but am very transparent with him, he told me he has no relationship in Delta state, except Akwa ibom state, so I asked someone that knew him very well and he told me about his relationship, which I asked him and he said he has nothing to do with her, they are just friend. 
Then he kept pressurising me about sex, quarrelling about sex and said all sort of things. To the extent that he was crying that why am I giving him conditions because he loves me. 
Then on Sunday evening he came and said all sort of things, who do you think you are, if I wanted to sleep with five girls a day I can have them, to hell with you, why are you claiming to be saint Mary, I owe you no apology for everything am saying, let me tell you I was in a very good relationship she has everything a man is looking for, but I let go because of you. 
I promised my mum and my God that I must marry from my own state. And I think he has ended the relationship. 
Am just confused, did I act or say anything wrong. 
Please I need your advice.

From all he said, his anger really is that he hasn't seen your panties,I'm certain that he will still come back but don't let pity becloud your sense of reason and purpose for your life. 
You were honest to let him know what you wanted in a relationship so if he feels that his promise to God and his mum is anything to go by, then he should either get married to you and have an unlimited access to your pant or he should land his trophy ladies and let you be. 
Sex is a choice, if you are not ready or comfortable with it, please don't let anyone push you into it because you may end up with many regrets really. 
He said all that so that he could weaken your emotions and gain access but my candid advice is please zip up and wait until you're ready for sex preferably when you're married. 
Until then, please be focused on equipping yourself with the skills and virtues that you need to be a help to your husband in all areas of his life. 
Commit everything to God and allow him to guide your footsteps to His purpose and promise for your life. 


  1. You promised your Mum and Your God that you must marry from your state?
    Did God ask you to do Him that favor?
    This is where people get themselves stuck...You will only succeed in trapping yourself by yourself..
    The man God designed for you might not be from your state and this promise of yours won't let you give any man outside your state a chance..Pls stop deciding for your creator...He knows what is best for you...Go and break that promise for your own makes no sense..
    Secondly, your guy wants sex before marriage and you do not want it...its simple...if he wouldn't abide by the rules then he is not your type...let him shouldn't bother you so much...pray you meet your type..

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