Thursday, September 17, 2015

He Has A Child With Another Lady!

Good morning. please advice me, I met this on June 2015 and he proposed to me July.
Though so far I love him but recently I noticed that he had a child with another lady. I don't know if they were married or during dates. 
And when I asked him about it, he said I should wait until he go home and see his people and my own people by October. 
What do I do in this situation?

If the coast isn't clear, how will the captain navigate through the shore? 
Marriage is not a journey you gamble into with many guesses and assumptions. 
He's not doing you any favour by coming to your family for anything and if all his dealings is shrouded in secrecy, then there're so much to consider to avoid regrets much later in life. 
What happened to the mother of his child and why didn't he open up to about that? 
Why does he wish to get married to you before making you his friend? 
Could there be any other secrets that he may be hiding from you? 
What assurance do you have that what befell the other woman wouldn't be your fate if not worse? 
Who really are you getting married to, what is his purpose, passion and vision in life? 
He's looking good but what of his heart, how sincere, honest and Godly is he? 
Can you really say that you are prepared for the inevitable? 
Marriage is beautiful when you are with your friend, partner and companion and not a boss. 
Please quench the excitement and examine the realities ahead of you before deciding on what's best for you. 

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