Thursday, September 17, 2015

She's Passionately In Love!

Good evening ma.....Please aunty Amara I need your advice and that of your fans on what I should do......
I'm a young man of 20 years, recently met a young lady of 25 years.The first day we both met was like as if we have both known each other like for ages.
The problem now is that she is deeply in love with me that she can't go a day without checking out on me.
I, not trying to hurt her told her that I still have a long way to go because by the time I must have graduated, it will be late for her,but she was now telling me that there's nothing love can't do that she will wait for me.
I just don't know what to do again. 

Bros, I understand that you love her but you are not comfortable with her age or the way she fell asleep in your arms even before you started toasting her. 
And now it seems as though she's willing to shower her love for you and your family which to you isn't what you planned for. 
Instead of sounding like you have good plans for her, why not open up and tell her the truth. 
Telling her how you feel will ease of the tension instead of hiding under "I have a long way to go" as though it's a threat for a child who desires to go shopping with his mum. 
Be plain and honest with her, she'll shed some tears and be in pains but she'll be better for it instead of hiding under cover. 
Maybe you will learn to weigh your words before saying it to a lady and be honest with your promises to her. 
Maybe you should wait until you are mentally and emotionally mature for a relationship before catching up with pretty ladies. 
Maybe you should wait until you arrive at your destination before looking for a lady to commit to. 
But given all you said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a lady who's 25 years old falling in love with you as long as you are emotionally mature for it and she's emotionally ready to serve you as her partner and companion. 
He who feels defeated has nothing to do with going for a battle so there's no need pretending that you love her because like you said, "you have a long way to go" and I wish you a safe journey! 


  1. Bro, my candid opinion is that she's only filled with lust, this is not true love, so it is better you ignore the so-called love she has for you and focus on your life, just as you said you still have a long way to go, so don't let a woman that probably fell in love with your looks or kind to be an obstruction to your life...There could be looming danger ahead, even though she said she can wait for you, but I will tell you this,"it is easier said than done"...PLEASE RUN WHILE YOU CAN. #enoughsaid

  2. Gradually,WITHDRAW FROM HER. She's probably infatuated,and it will fizzle out with time,the lesser the communication. This is not time for Romance; it is time for building STRONG FRIENDSHIPS AND NETWORKS. Focus on that!

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