Sunday, September 13, 2015

He Was Sexually Inactive!

Good morning aunty Amy, please I need your advice on this. 
I got married to a man some months ago without knowing that he was sexually inactive(he is having weak erection). 
I only noticed this after our wedding. We have gone for medical test but was told that he was ok but he has low sperm motility. 
This is really giving me sleepless nights cos I can't share the intimacy of marriage with my hubby. We are like siblings living in one room. 
We have fasted and prayed for this yet the problem is still there. I have asked him several questions to know how this problem is going to be solved and he told me that he masturbated for some years before he stopped it and that he used to have wet nights. 
Please I don't know what to do cos his family members were looking out for pregnancy to occur and in which they have started asking him of. Please I need your candid advice.

Low sperm motility simply put is the rate at which the sperm swims inside the vagina down to the womb. While there are a number of factors that may cause sperm to be less mobile, it is not beyond remedy. 
Research has shown that with good multivitamins healthy diet, increased sexual intercourse and good healthy lifestyle, it can be improved. 
So please do not panic yet as this isn't the best time for that. What he needs is your support and understanding instead of putting him to unnecessary pressure. 
It has nothing to do with him not having sex before wedding as even those who are sexually active still experience such. 
A man who is having sex for the first time has the tendency to experience quick ejaculation as a result of excitement, pressure, anxiety, or health reasons. 
Take your time please, you need to enjoy more sex before you start looking for a protruding tummy. 
Before pregnancy should be lovely and beautiful honeymoon and not complaints and pressures. 
Spend quality time with your husband and make love with him like never before. 
When he experiences weak erection, boost his confidence by assuring him of your love and trust in him. 
Do not give him a look that makes him feel like a failure instead give him a lovely massage and go to the kitchen for a better meal. 
Please do not use so much oil to prepare his meal, make your meal fresh and full of vegetables and vitamins that is half done. 
Get a white onions, ginger and garlic when preparing his meal or juice if he's comfortable with that. Also add small quantity of moringa powder or leaves. 
Instead of preparing egusi soup, you may switch to bitterleaf soup or vegetable soup, thus automatically reducing his blood sugar level and fat content. 
Some form of exercise will also be awesome to enable you sweat more when you meet with your husband. 
Take your time and help your husband become the man who is not ashamed or afraid to say that he's married to the best woman in the whole world. 
Encourage him also to take his drugs and minimise his consumptions of alcoholic drinks, smoking, or driving (if he has such habits). 
Increased love making will also have a positive impact on the sperm motility. Also when making love to your husband, place a pillow under your buttocks so that his sperm can swim faster down into your womb and after lovemaking, spend some time in the bed before leaving  the bedroom to prevent the sperm from pouring out of your body. 
I believe that with prayers, your support and the help of the medical experts, you shall have your baby in no distant time. 


  1. Check What he has is sexual exhaustion. Abstaining from all form of sexual stimulation for 3 months and taking supplements will help. He has multi hormonal imbalance and it will take aquite some time to heal.

  2. Check What he has is sexual exhaustion. Abstaining from all form of sexual stimulation for 3 months and taking supplements will help. He has multi hormonal imbalance and it will take aquite some time to heal.

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