Friday, September 4, 2015

He's Not Financially Ready.

Good day,ma. please I need your advice.
Am in love with someone and for a year and more we have been more than friends,he's good and we are compatible in so many of ways. We became friends and agreed in no sex before marriage but the problem is there's a suitor who my mum has given me a thousand reasons to go for.
When I told him,he felt cold and said I should consider my happiness first and make my choice.
For him we both know he is not financially ready.
Am 21 though and not really in a hurry for marriage but I don't really know what tomorrow will bring if I wait for him, and this suitor, truly I don't love him,even with all his wealth.
My mum will always say it's because my heart is elsewhere.
Please advise me.

Love is deeper than wealth, money really cannot buy the kind of love that every heart desires. 
While money is good for comfort and probably to make things easier for you, money cannot buy the everlasting friendship that couples share for the rest of their life. 
Money cannot buy the mutual purpose that binds two heart together. 
Money cannot buy the peace of mind and fulfilment that couples share knowing that they got married to their own partner 
Your mother may have good intentions and reasons for suggesting that you get married to the rich suitor but always bear this in mind that you are old enough to decide on what you need in life and who to get married to. 
Marriage is a personal race and a lifetime journey with some challenges and obstacles, you don't wish to blame anyone or anything else for not succeeding in your marriage. 
While you may not know what the future holds for you, you can pour your heart to Him who holds the future and let him know what you desire and yearn that He will do for you. 
Please do not rush into marriage without understanding the essence, and consequences of any decision you make to that effect. 
Seek the face of God Almighty and allow him to guide your heart on who to marry. 

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