Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Do I Improve Her Communication Skills?

Good morning to you virtuous Aunty Amara for the good work you're doing.God will bless you abundantly.
Please and please I need your candid advice on this issue at hand that is unsettling me.
Am an adult and have a lady am engaged to and I love her so dearie but the problem now is that there was a misconception somewhere between her LETTER R and her LETTER L.
For instance if she wants to pronouce Rice,the pronunciation will go like this "Lice" Recharge card will be like this "Lecharge card" Road "Load" etcetera...
Though she is from Anambra state,and I observed that 90% of people that were born and bred in Anambra have the same problem.
To cut the story short ma'am, I don't know how to tell her or correct her via the pronunciation error.
Please advice me on the mature and the rightful way to correct the misconception.
If what you wrote about this lady be all that you are worried about, then I feel like I should encourage your partner not to consider you as a partner talk less of getting married to you. 
I am more worried about your perception of her personality and her virtues than I am about her pronunciation skills that you are worried about. 
For me unfortunately you sound like a perfect man who shouldn't be married to any lady because you will end up converting her to a remote that is always controlled and manipulated by you to suit your needs. 
Where did you get your facts that all Anambra brought up has speech defects? 
Even if you felt that the way she pronounced  her letter R and letter L wasn't sweet enough to your hearing, what efforts have you made to correct her by the way you pronounced your own letters and possibly teach her how to pronounce words to suit your taste?
Why not get her a tutor or possibly take her to America or London where she will learn how to speak yeah mehn and hey guys?  
Since this is what unsettles you in the relationship, you may buy her recorded audio pronunciation tutors or videos which she can listen to and learn from them. 
You may get her a laptop and videos or audios that she could easily watch and learn how to pronounce those letters. 
Maybe you may take her to different programmes or social events where she could be exposed to different people and learn from their manner of public speaking or communication skills. 
This you should bear in mind that it will take some time for her to improve on her communication skills and she needs your understanding, maturity, patience and personal commitment to help her become the kind of lady that you desire her to be. 
However if all you aim to achieve be to change her by condemning or comparing her with others or you are looking for any means to dump her, then it only shows that you do not have a good understanding of what love truly entails and what you need in a partner you desire to help you find happiness and fulfilment in life. 

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