Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who Should Initiate Sex Most?

Please my dear aunty,..Help me out in this confused situation..
I have this spiritual director and as well a counsellor who said that for you to still sustain your sex life in marriage,you(woman) must not always be the first to initiate sex,that doing that might turn him off one day....
Though he said its not wrong if a wife initiate sex first but to sustain your marriage sex life,we should minimise it....
Please how do you see this because am about to be in a family way and I want it perfect in my marriage....GOD BLESS

I look at sex the way God designed it for couples and not the way any spiritual director or instructor feel about it. 
The Bible said that they were naked and was not ashamed of each other. 
What that meant was that as a wife, you have the freedom and the privilege to desire sex and meet your husband to give you quality sex in the position and skills that will make both of you experience heaven on earth. 
Because your sexual desire and libido is limited solely to your husband and husband alone, you should have no shame or fear to initiate sex with your husband as long as you desire or deem fit, as long as he's healthy and happy to make your world colourful. 
Of course how you choose to meet your needs is limited and exclusive for  you and your husband and needs nobody else to interpret or dictate who says what or who have to initiate sex first. 
The Bible also made me to understand that the body of your husband belongs to you and you alone so by the virtues of marriage, you have the freedom and the liberty to put your hands inside his groins while sleeping with him or to wake him up at midnight not because armed robbers were around but because his beautiful wife needs good morning sex in the serenity and the coolness of the night. 
In marriage, you must discover the rhythm of your sexual fulfilment and stick to it, there's no need to be shy or afraid all because of what someone may be practising in her marriage, in fact, what works for your pastor doesn't make it a standard nor does it mean that it must work for you so you need to stick with what works for you and your husband. 
Always remember that no marriage is perfect, the essence of marriage really is to work towards perfection with unity of purpose, compassionate love, committed to one vision and helping each other overcome their flaws and weaknesses so that both couples will be perfect together. 
So when you get married, do not try to live a perfect life because you will struggle with it and you will stumble someday. 
Be real, be honest and be teachable, learn with all patience and understanding and correct with all humility and wisdom. 
Learn to understand the times and your husband and make communication skills your topmost priority because most of your challenges in marriage begins with poor communication. 
Embrace God's word and devote yourself to prayers and no matter how lovely or awesome your home may be, always remember that the devil is always fighting to destroy your home so you shouldn't relax and feel that the devil is asleep. 
I am hopeful that God will favour you and make you prosperous in your marriage in Jesus name Amen. 

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  1. Just as you go for food when you're hungry....go for it when you need it...There are no rules...Use him...Spoil him...As long as he belongs to you..


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