Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Mother-In-Law Wants to Ruin Us!

Happy Sunday Madam.
Please I need your advice and that of your fans.
I over heard my Mother in law telling my hubby on phone not to do everything I asked him to do.
That women can be very deceiving. She doesn't call me on phone and I do call at times if I have airtime,  she keeps calling my hubby telling him what to do.
But he didn't do them sometimes.  He calls 2- 3 times a day.
If she call she won't ask of me or my kids.  She always ask for money, God I don't know what her problems were.
Telling my hubby not to listen to anything I tell him.
She always call my hubby to give him advice or ask for money. My hubby has sent money to her two times since this month. This woman is really going to ruin my home with her evil advice. Please madam what will I do.
She is really becoming something else in my home.
My hubby is from Anambra and am from Abia State. Thanks .

I want to believe that you didn't get married to a mummy's pet because emmm any lady who gets herself in such a shoes will only do one thing all the days of her life and that is to submit, be more submissive and to always submit to all the counsel of his mother. 
It can be dangerous especially when you can neither get hold of your husband nor the understanding of your mother in law. 
The best you can do at the moment is live as though you don't hear anything they say or not say. Do not meddle with his privacy and the counsel of his mum, only let him know your threshold as his wife and the limits to what you can endure or accommodate in your marriage. 
Whatever she's telling your husband shouldn't sound as a threat to you because under God, no woman has the power and the capacity to serve your husband like you do to him. 
Let them have their romance when they wish to but when it comes to your home and the need of your family, put a limit to what you can tolerate as an external influence to him. 
Though you didn't give me a clearer picture of what's happening in your home but all I can say is that you are not in a battle with your mother in law as a woman but with the devil who desires to plant a seed of discord in your marriage. 
Instead of getting worried about his incessant calls please pray and patiently express your concern with your husband not about his mother but about the rate at which he's slowly and gradually making you look like a slave and a stranger in your home. 
Do not sound as though you are attacking his mum because he has been with his mum much more than you and he wouldn't want to disappoint his mother. 
Treat him as your husband and never you entertain the influence of any third party in your home if he doesn't show some courtesy and respect for your personality, understanding and opinion in your marriage. 
Just like every baby, you will need some time, wisdom, patience and love to win him over from his mum's breast. 
For now, ignore his discussions with his mother and focus more on your communication and stability of your home. 

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  1. First of all, you need to understand that she is his mother and no matter what, that motherly love and bond still lives in him...
    That he gives his mother money is not wrong and shouldn't be your problem as long as he fulfills his responsibilities at home..
    You were not there when she suffered to bring him up to the man he is today so he is only doing what is right by repaying his mother back..The igbos say and i quote..."Nna zuchaa nwa, nwa tolite, o zuo nna ya"
    On a second note, you shouldn't bother yourself so much with what she says to your husband but what he does...
    Sincerely, most mothers do not want their sons to be controlled by their wives ..That is one of their fears...She doesn't want him to forget where he comes from though her words were not the best...Her approach to that was wrong but you don't need to dwell on that...Just be the good wife you ought to be and everything will work out fine...bear no grudge against her...Also pray for your husband..


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