Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heaven Laughs

When you were growing up, they saw nothing good about you. According to them, she's useless, wretchedness and hopelessness personified.

Right before their eyes, you grew and supernaturally, passed through school and graduated. The next thing they saw was "the son/daughter of that carpenter" getting a job and as they were trying to wake up from their slumber, you became Head of a department.

As they talk about you not being able to marry because they were sure you exchanged your manhood for money; as they accused you of rising to the top with your body and being a prostitute,  you got married to a beautiful lady/handsome, godly, and rich dude. They did everything possible to make sure it didn't work.
Jehovah laughs at them.

Okay; let's see if the marriage will last. She wont be able to have a child because her womb is no more, she removed it in the process of abortion, she has reached menopause. His manhood is no more and so his wife won't get pregnant.
From heaven, the King of kings laughs again at their foolishness.

Eh; what are we seeing? She's pregnant...no, it can't be true. She's injecting herself to look pregnant after which she goes for "Pota baby" (secret adoption).
Heaven laughs again as mama comes for 'omugwo' (post-natal care)

As far as they are concerned, you bought the baby; nothing can change that opinion.

Then they gathered and sat together in their foolishness;  they conspired and said to themselves, 'let's see how far this marriage goes'. Heaven laughs again.

God, it looks like they are right. My lovely spouse is dead; my beautiful marriage just ended in divorce. There's jubilation in the camp of the enemies. Jesus where are you?
And Jesus is just by one side of the boat sleeping on a pillow. Why is he sleeping seeing that I am drowning? He is Lord over the storm and so He knows that as long as He is in your both, you are safe.

Yes! You're now a widow/widower; you are divorced. You lost so much including your job because you couldnt concentrate. They rejoice as heaven laughs at their foolishness.

Before they could finish rejoicing, a better job came, a better spouse came.
What? Are we dreaming? This can't be true.
Heaven laughs again at the foolishness of men.

When you are laughed at; when you are mocked, just relax. By the time God is through with you, they will know that heaven was laughing at their foolishness. They are laughing now saying, 'where is your God?' Don't worry, they will come back to hold the hem of your clothe as they cry, 'please show us your God'.

Just make sure you have Jesus in your boat. Make sure you maintain a good heart towards all. Make sure you give love whenever you should.

As long as Jesus is in your boat, you shall get to your destination safe and sound. You shall look around and say to Jesus, "Daddy, so you were not sleeping when I thought you were?" He's working it out in your favour.
Fear not!

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