Saturday, September 5, 2015

How Do I Make The Best Choice?

Good morning Ma.
Am a lady of 31.I have been through several heart breaks in different relationships I gave all my hopes on.
Last June I met three guys in different occasions who asked me out, I accepted all because I was afraid of putting my eggs in one basket again and with the hope that who ever showed more seriousness would be the one I would choose and let go of the other suitors.
My problem now is all of them are talking serious and I don't want to give all of them hope.
I need your advice on how best to make a choice using my head because the others that failed I followed my heart. 

I understand that you have experienced so much heart break and disappointments in your previous relationships but your mail sounded like a man who set out for a journey without knowing his destination, nor does he have all that he needed for his journey. 
He's in the middle of the road seeking for directions but cannot tell where he's heading even though many wished to assist him. 
Any partner who uses the basket to weigh how serious or committed a partner is in a relationship may be disappointed because what you may think was the best for you may not have any value for your destiny. 
Getting married to a great partner begins with self discovery. 
You cannot tell who has your interest at heart when you have no idea of who you are and what you need in a partner. 
Marriage isn't for individuals who have list of what they need but it's for those who knows what they can offer to build a greater empire and prosper in all their endeavours. 
I wouldn't recommend anyone for you because I do not know what you believe in, what your purpose is in life, what your passionate about, what motivates you and your areas of weakness. 
But I would give you some clues that would be of great help in identifying what you need in a partner. 
First of all, discover your identity and purpose in life, every other thing depends on it. 
A partner who loves you should be able to tell who you are and what you're passionate about. 
He should look beyond your body to discern your personality. 
He should be a one who knows your flaws and virtues and not one who impresses you to win your heart. 
He should be one who is honest, sincere and emotionally stable. This will greatly enhance your communication, and help you to understand his personality and also trust him without any fears or worries. 
He should be one who is genuinely interested in your challenges and is willing to encourage you and support you in your area of need. 
He must not have fleet of cars or work in the oil and gas industry to be the right partner but he must be responsible and have a vision for his life. 
He must be someone you can humbly submit your heart to and support selflessly without any struggles or competition. 
The capital letters stresses the importance because this is a life time journey, one that you need God much more than anyone else. 
I would suggest that you discharge all the eggs in your basket and seek the face of God so that you shall receive your own egg that will hatch into a prosperous and fulfilling home. 
Trusting God to guide your footsteps remains the best and the only way to receive His best for your destiny and not by using your head or depending on your heart alone. 


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