Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Can't Marry a Prostitute!

Hi Aunt Amara, I candidly need your and your page follower's sermons as I have been in an enormous psychological adversity since few days now, but before I proceed, I won't skip to appreciate your sermons (Amara) for I apparently know a lot of families would have been torn apart if not for your sermons.
I'm 24 born of Igbos, living in the States, the visa type in which I was admitted to the United States of America by: 2-year tourist visa, but was stamped six months at the port of entry, which lawfully means I ought not to exceed six months in the country unless I legally get married to its citizen which doesn't come easy because you can't legally work or drive in fact you can't do anything which makes it more difficult for you to find a woman to marry as we obviously know that no women would want to date a jobless man less much of marriage, irrespective of the cause of their joblessness.
In USA, prostitution is illegal, so there are no brothels, but there's one particular illegal site one may visit via Google that you can invite a woman to your home for sex so long as you pay them the amount you unanimously agreed, so I invited one lady to my home via the site, in all frankness, I didn't sleep with her, she solely seduced me orally thereafter, she asked me what do I do for a living?
I told her am doing nothing, though it was a lie because I was doing one menial job at the time, and she asked me why don't I have a job? That she knows there are jobs everywhere in the USA, that one must not find it difficult to get a job in the USA.
I candidly told her I can't work unless am legally married to a citizen of USA, to my greatest surprise, she asked me to get ready the next day that, she would marry me if that's the issue depriving me from working etc.
I couldn't believe her pledge because it was extremely unusual in the USA, and we finally got married as planned, but before we went to the court for the marriage, she told me, she would divorce me immediately I obtain US citizenship that, there was no emotional attachments to what she was doing for me that, she solely mean to help me, and that she expects the same from me, which psychologically made me happy, because I don't want to get married to a US citizen.
I must admit am very tribalistic when it comes to do with marriage therefore, I have always wanted to marry from my tribe only. But now the very same lady who said she doesn't want to have any relationship with me besides the pretentious one we unanimously had so as to help my situation, is presently coming out with something contrary to her pledge after we have got married to the court, so my humble question now is: what do I do??
Because I don't want to hurt her feelings at the same time do not want to get married at my current age as I have younger ones and relatives who are counting on me, and I don't ponder marrying an American woman less much of its prostitute....... your advices would be highly appreciated as I anticipate them, and am sorry for the length sentence. God bless you all!

Thanks for your compliments and encouraging words, I truly do appreciate them in all sincerity. 
Let me also be the first to congratulate you on your successful wedding to your benevolent, kind and supportive American wife. 
To be sincere with you, it takes a woman who sympathises with you and believes in your personality to sacrifice her profession and freedom and choose to grow in love with you. 
I understand that you had dubious plans for desiring marriage with her, but you ended up with a smarter lady who also needed an identity and a man to call her own which was why she came back to take her place in your life. 
Of course you don't expect me to condemn an innocent lady who had an agreement with you but failed to tell you her terms and conditions of service. 
Nor do you want me to encourage you to divorce a lady who loves you and is supporting you to gain citizenship status in US. 
This has nothing to do with your being tribalistic or wishing to get married when you return home, the fact is that you are already married and if you feel that you cannot cope with her terms and conditions, then do well to disengage her through a lawyer but then again you know where that will lead you to. 
If you ask me, I would suggest that you remain married with your wife and use this opportunity to develop yourself and empower yourself with the right skills and experiences that will help you secure a better job and be of blessing to your family at large. 
That she was a prostitute was her past, today by the virtue of your agreement and the law of the land backed up with written documents, she's now your lovely wife and I pray that you shall prosper in your family and find favour from God. 

Please do feel free to share your thoughts with me. 
Thank you for your comments on the blog. 


  1. This is emotional slavery, but I think it's ur destiny, just allow it, give urself into ur marriage and allow God to be d pilot of ur destiny, if not u will be misery in life, cheers!

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  3. Madam Amara I love the Advice that you gave that Tribalistic African man, He has a choice hold firm to your wife and build your life or come home and marry a FRESH WIFE.
    It is in this part of the world that women are treated like shit, They want LOVE and CARE and if you have found an AMERICAN that is ready to sacrifice that for you.....


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