Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How Do I Confront Him?

Good day aunty Amara. Kindly help me post this and share your view on this. 
I just realized my fiance is a chronic womanizer. We should have been married by now but due to delays here and there, we aren't. Although our introduction was in a month, it really hurts to find this out about him after so much investment and plans made. 
But at the same time, forever is a long time to endure. He used to be all sweet and loving, it's a long distance relationship(Nigeria) but communication was always on point. 
We had a misunderstanding of which I accepted the blame so I thought he was flirting to get back at me until I noticed how frequent and consistent it was. 
I know he's cheating from all his online chats, I have passwords to some of his accounts though he doesn't know about the facebook account. 
How do I confront him cos I'm about to drop the bombshell but I need to handle it with wisdom. 
Thank you ma'am.

With every revelation you receive about a potential partner, God is giving you an olive branch to make the best decision that will help you for the rest of your life. 
I know that you are considering the time, sacrifices, funds and the endless promises that you both share together but dear in marriage the feelings may no longer be there to help you cope with some realities of your partner and I wouldn't advice you to quit then but will only encourage you to pray, be patient and endure his flaws. 
If you are still asking me how to confront him about a flaw that has kept many wives depressed, emotionally in pains, constantly praying and doing all sorts of things just to win their husbands, then I would ask you one candid question, how long can you endure his flaws and how long are you willing to continue with such rituals should you get married to him? 
Understanding that infidelity and cheating is one flaw too painful and terrible that it exposes innocent partners to some sexually transmitted diseases and infections will really help you to keep your sentiments aside and think with your head and eyes wide open. 
If he's cheating and sincerely flirting and you still think that he will change sometime, then please prepare your heart for the journey of your lifetime. 
But if you are willing to nip his attitude to the board, then please contact him, have a date with him and let him know your decision about the future of the relationship. 
It is best that your relationship or courtship is broken than to venture into marriage and live broken with no happiness nor fulfilment. 
When your partner cannot be trusted, it's best to bid him goodbye and focus much more on what makes you feel happy and fulfilled in life. 


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  2. I think u should follow aunty amara's advice. God help you with u decision.

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