Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Should I Walk Away?

Good afternoon ma, am one of your fans, I have learnt a lot from your post and advice. 
Please I need your help here, am 30 years. 
Two years ago I had suitors that came for me, throughout that period I was
praying for God's direction, along the line I met a new friend his a guy, we were just friends no feelings attached, towards those period I was praying for God's intervention. 
After midnight prayer I had a dream where my suitors came to my family
house at the same time including the new friend I just met. 
The man that stood as my dad asked me, among all those people who do you think was your husband? 
I was surprised,  asking myself how come this people knew themselves to the extent of coming to my family house same time including the new friend I met that did not ask my
hand in marriage. 
Before I could say a word the old man held my han,  passed all the people that proposed
to me and went straight to my new friend and said go and pray hard this is your husband. 
I was shocked and immediately told the man that this person was just a friend but he
replied me,  he has said it all. 
Immediately I woke up that morning I was to go to my new friend's house to
collect something, I met his mum that was my first time of meeting her in life. 
She started interviewing me that ended up with am looking for a wife for my
Immediately I flashed back to the dream I had. Could this be a confirmation of what I had, I asked myself? 
Each time I called to say hi to her, she will tell me that soon the both families will come together, yet her son has not said anything to me or defined our relationship. 
But we are close friends but my prob is I don't know his mind and he rarely calls me, he has never spent on me. 
I feel shy to demand in my relationship but his attitude towards me is confusing me. 
He woke up one day and asked me what do I think I can do that will
be yielding daily income for us, "he's a salary earner" that I should go and think about it. 
I just graduated of recent,as it stands he has booked for a shop. He came up with
another plan which I refused ,taking over his mum
business while I have not known my stand. 
When I brought up the issue, asking him what he meant by asking me to do all these, he got angry with me. 
He only calls when he wants me to be around him but I can sacrifice for him. 
Am confused,  should I walk away? 
He's my only date now, am operating based on what was revealed to me. 
But I did not tell him cos he won't understand.

I understand that you have the desire to be in a relationship with someone who loves you and share your world with someone who appreciates your personality. 
It is God's divine provision for our journey here on earth for our benefit and fulfilment in life and I pray that God will perfect the desires of your heart in due course. 
Dear from your mail and with my limited understanding of what you sent to me, you are not in a relationship with this young man nor is this man explicitly your husband based on what I understood from your mail. 
Because I know that marriage is beyond a mere dream about a man you have no idea of his identity, personality, purpose and passion in life. 
You cannot make conclusions based on your dreams alone as that may have been as a result of anything which may not be from God. 
You need to give your dream a test of time to know who this man represents, where he's heading in life and what his purpose is in life. 
You need to stop expecting so much from him and stop acting as his girlfriend when he hasn't said anything to you. 
You need to minimise the attention that you give to him so that he doesn't take you for granted. 
If his mother has to be the one to find a wife for him, well you may need to encourage your heart for family interference should you get married ultimately to him. 
All you owe him and his mother is courtesy and respect, the rest should be defined appropriately and earned with his commitment and not your selfless service with no purpose. 
I would rather suggest that you invest your time in something that will enhance your skills and virtues as a lady. 
Get busy and engage yourself with beneficial investments and please do well to improve on your writing and communication skills to help you when you communicate with others. 
If God has ordained him for you, He wouldn't need your efforts to make His will a reality in your life. 
All you need to do is to commit everything to God in prayers and be patient as you live your life in a manner that is pleasing to Him. 
God wouldn't set you up for disappointment because He has good plans and thoughts for your life and He will never forsake you. 
He will reveal His purpose for marriage to Him and that will compel him to confess his love for you and also define his intentions for the relationship. 
Until that is done, always remember that he's just your friend and not your husband to be until he has defined the relationship. 


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  2. I am surprised as a lady u can't sense the salient signals your new friend is sensing,give him time in the fullness of time you'll see the bigger picture,there is a hand and a pen but the hand writing is not yet on the wall

  3. i am with Aunty Amara hundred percent on this one,live your life,improveyourself,time tells everything.


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