Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What Should I Do?

Good day ma, am the lady who sent a post last month about my fiance who is an O'level holder, a security working in a government parastatal and he is not too fluent in spoken English (Read More).
Am currently serving in one of the Northern state and he lives in Lagos.
Now he wants introduce me to his family for the first time as his bride-to-be....but he is bothered about the fact that am not too fluent in speaking Yoruba language (I do code mix).
His family members are not fluent in English and am not fluent in Yoruba.
Secondly, his family is not too sure am serious with their son because of the educational gap.....
They sometimes ask him on phone whether he is sure that am not double dating.
Please Ma...what can I do?
I love him the way he is, sincerely.

Please do not spend the rest of your precious life and time paying attention to all that those who judge you unfairly and doubt your intention say about you. 
Whether you can speak his language or not isn't the most important part of your relationship with your partner. 
What matters most is that with your code mix and his spoken English you can express love to your partner and he's willing to commit his heart and life to being together with you. 
If you understand Mo nii fe re (I love you) and he can respond I love you O re mi (my best friend) then you don't need to be worried about what his parents or friends feel about you. 
All you owe his parents and relatives is courtesy and respect. 
Dress up in their regalia and learn how to greet in their culture. 
Do not say much apart from any question about your identity that they may wish to know more about and do not try to impress anyone with your code mix if they don't understand what you are saying. 
Where you need assistance he should be there to support you and explain to them. 
All you need is a man who is willing and mature enough to be separate from his parents and grow in love with you. 
Commit every other thing to God is prayers and pray that God will grant you favour in their sight. 
You don't have to be worried or afraid of anything. 
God will perfect the desires of your heart in due time. 


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