Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Suspect That She's a Lesbian!

Please ma, I need your advise on what has been bordering me. 
Am a guy of 29 years, am in a relationship for two years now with a girl of 26 years and am so much in love with her but, something has been going on for sometime now. 
I was suspecting my girlfriend that she was a lesbian because of the kind of calls and text messages she made with one of her female friend but, when I asked her she said nothing of such is going on. So, I forget the issue not until I saw a chat on her phone with the same friend, when they were sex chatting and planning on when to see. 
Now, I am convinced that my girlfriend I love so much is into lesbianism. Even after seeing the chat and everything, I still asked her about what I saw, she denied everything before me and she knew fully well that, what I saw was for real. Please ma, what should I do in this case now? I need your wise advise. Thanks and GOD bless you.

Can we conclude that she's truly a lesbian based on her sex chat? Perhaps that will be a tall order because not every lady who sex chats could be into lesbianism although there are possibilities for that. 
All you need to do is to carry out an investigation into her chats, get her friend's contact and discuss with her to know more about their sexual preference. 
Find out where her friends stay and when they normally meet up for their act. 
It may take some time to manifest truly but it will eventually blow up because a lesbian cannot cover her tracks. 
Like I said, I don't have enough evidence to say that this lady is a lesbian and I would suggest that you discuss this with her extensively so that you don't venture into a relationship with a liar, cheat and a sexually perversed mindset. 
But if your evidences were strong enough to convince you of her sexual orientation, then you may need to work on rehabilitating her mindset and helping her understand the danger of such a lifestyle. 
Her  honesty and sincerity will determine if you should take her serious or let her be because sexual orientation is very very very important when deciding on who to settle down with to avoid unending power tussles on the bedroom. 

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