Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Girlfriend Have Stretch Marks.

I saw a post that '99.9% of ladies that have stretch marks and don't have a baby yet, have aborted before'.
To my greatest surprise, everyone concurred with the post most especially
ladies and mothers.
And my girl have stretch marks on her hand,especially her laps. So I'm just confused, please help me out. I need your advice too Mrs. Amara.

Stretch marks isn't caused as a result of abortion but as a result of weight gain /loss , sports, fast growth, puberty and harsh cream. 
Simply put, stretch marks form as a result of the stress which food or creams or exercises has on a body. 
Stretch marks is not limited to ladies alone so if whatever it was they said be true, then men would be guilty of aborting their sperm. 
It is wrong to make assumptions based on what someone else said or make your partner feel like a liar just because someone made a statement which maybe self dependent or at worse untrue. 
Always make your findings and research before making some statements or assumptions. 
And stretch marks doesn't make anyone less beautiful or valuable as an individual because those are the effects of stress on the body and not in her heart. 


  1. Stretch marks is not a big deal if you love your woman

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