Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Husband is Occultic!

Good day aunty Amara,
I am 30 years old married with three kids ,my husband is abusive physically and psychologically,but I decided to stay back for the sake of the kids. 
I just found out he has another woman he has been dating since we got married eight years ago and she happened to be her ex. 
I still did not bother but the latest findings now is that he is an occult man and now he wants to use me as sacrifice, now I really want to leave the  marriage but my kids are holding me back am so confused I don't know what to do.
Please help out ma'm

You are responsible first for your health and safety,and next for the health and safety of your children. 
If all you said be true, then you ought to be in your father's house by this time with your children. 
It is already appalling and callous that your husband has been beating you and confidently cheating on you by dating his ex but for you to sacrifice your life at the alter of his own wickedness would be both foolish and simply regrettable. 
Please gather all the evidences and information available to you and please take your children to your family pending when the issues in your marriage has been properly addressed. 
You need to be alive first for yourself and next for your children and nobody has the monopoly or the right for whatsoever reasons to threaten or tamper with your life and safety as a human being not to talk more of his wife. 
Do not give the devil any loophole to destroy your life, get hold of the situation, tackle it spiritually and get your children and yourself off the picture at the moment to enable you manage your marriage and intervene where it's possible. 
Your destiny and happiness is worth every sacrifice you give today. 
Please do well to give me update on this development. Thank you. 


  1. Like seriously? You are confused? About what? If I may ask. If you are very sure your husband wants to use you for an occult sacrifice and you are asking this kind of question, then you must be out of your mind. I haven't seen any normal human being, knowing he or she would be killed and stand. You are saying you kids are holding you, you will die in his alter of demons and no one will be there to take care of those kids anymore. And I will tell you this God will not forgive you for being killed for sacrifice leaving your children motherless. My dear you don't need any advice from anyone to know you have to just walk away from that marriage. That isn't marriage in the first place. You musnt be in your father's house before you can take care of your kids. Rent home far from everyone and take good care of your children. And God will bless you for that.

  2. My people say that it is only a tree that hears it will be cut down and still remains where it is. If a human being hears that it will be cut down and still remain, then something is wrong somewhere. If your husband seriously want to use you as a sacrifice, you need to pray. You have to go to MFM and start their deliverance program ASAP. cos he will kill you, repent and make heaven, your life will be wasted and you will make hell. You are thinking about your children, who say they are safe? If your hubby is really occultic, he will waste you as well as your children. Be wise.

  3. I hope by now you have done the right thing.Your story is exactly like mine, only I stayed for a longer time.The only thing you can do to make him happy is to die. Also he would sexually abuse your daughters and initiate them if you don't take action quick. Then they would become your enemies. You need to be strong in the Lord with His whole armour on. After passing through deliverance, you must be strong in the Lord still. Physically separating from him would not stop him attacking you spiritual,only being on fire for God will deliver you. Ask God for the grace to forgive him so that your prayers won't be hindered. May the Lord be with and guide you.


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