Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm Dating a Mysterious Man.

A blessed Sunday to everyone, I just meet this guy he's 40 years and am 29 years old, he stays with his son and the nanny so he claimed, and I stay alone. 
He separated with the child's mother two years ago and he didn't want to tell me the reason.
I like the guy so much, and am happy around him,my problem is if I call him he won't answer and he calls me back and if I ask him why he didn't answer his phone,  he always come up with different stories. 
Secondly I asked him when will I see his place and he said, "when my boy understands what relationship is" this guy knows where I stay and he's been in my house, we haven't done anything yet because am still having my doubts as much as he's very open with me there're something that is not right. 
I really don't know how to go about this issue because I don't think it's okay to date someone that you don't know where he stays and what he does because words alone are not enough for me, I need to see things with my own eyes, and at the same time I don't want to push because I don't want to come up as a nag. 
It feels very wrong for me to let men come to my house it has never happened before and I don't want it to happen anymore, maybe am crazy please help me. 

You are not crazy dear, in fact you are wiser and more discerning than you can possibly imagine or think of. 
If he cannot tell you the reason for divorcing his wife, it's unsafe to commit your future with him because the same fate that befell the other lady may possibly befall on you. 
Let me pretend that he's genuinely living with a nanny and not his lover but for him to be afraid or prevent you from knowing where he lives only indicates that there's something he may be hiding from you and also raises a lot of concerns about his openness and his perception of your personality. 
I am as curious as you are about the identity of this man and I have a lot of reservations about his identity, integrity and intentions for you in the "so called"  relationship. 
My sincere advice will be that you don't date any man whose identity you cannot defend nor can you tell what his intents and purpose is for you in the relationship. 


  1. Good Advice Aunty Amara, d bottom line is dat d man is still a married man, @d poster don't fall a victim, pray 4 ur rightful man , he will surface in due time and wen it happens,u won't hv any doubts!

  2. i personally think the man in question is not staying with the so called nanny he claimed may be he is staying with a woman that he is either married to or dating. pls shine your eyes,run run as faast as your leg can carry you.


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