Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Parents Aren't Comfortable with Him!

Good day ma...God bless for your good works and words of advice. Please I need an advice from you or the house.
I met a guy last year and we've known each other for a year plus now..we love each other so much..
He's finacially okay and he just proposed to me.
I'm 26 years of age and he is 37 years old..he has a 5 years old son out of wedlock with his ex....and I don't have a problem with the child. 
Please ma I need an advice on what to do since a child is involved and my parents are not comfortable with the whole idea.
I'm really confused now because the marriage plans is on hold. 
I'm also scared because I want to have a happy and peaceful home with my fiancee.
What do I do?? Please help me out. Thanks and God bless.

Please do well to find out more information about the mother of his son and the relationship they share. 
It's awesome when you have an idea of what to expect when you tie the knot than to be left to find out that when it may not be so favourable for you or convenient for you to manage. 
Your parents maybe worried but are you worried about his child too? Because if you are not worried, then you stand a better chance to convince your parents of his personality and your plan to accommodate him and his child. 
Like you already know that he has a child from another woman, he cannot do anything about it but pray and hope that there will be one lady out there who will accept him and his package irrespective of the discomfort or challenges such may bring to her. 
And if you feel that you are emotionally and spiritually mature and stable to manage his child as yours and take care of your husband, then I don't think that you need to be worried. 
However if you feel that his child will be so much a burden for you than a blessing, then you should not think of getting married to him because you may end up with many struggles and worries. 
While I wouldn't decide for what's best for you, I can remind you that you are responsible for the decision and the choices that you make in life and not your parents so wake up and decide what you feel is the best option for you. 
Then get some elders who can talk to your mum and dad and plead with them to permit you to marry who you truly desire. 
Do not allow anyone to decide or dictate the kind of life that is suitable for you because that may never be God's plan or purpose for you. 
Everyone whether single or a single father or mother has one need which is to be loved and be accepted unconditionally and selflessly irrespective of what maybe their packages or the perception of others. 

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  1. Your parwnts are only doing what they should do because they care about your not blame them..
    I'll advice you to carefully search yourself and know your motivation in this marriage you're about to go into before you step in..
    You need to be sure you truly love and totally accept him and this child as your own..
    Do not get carried away because you feel he is financially sound thereby neglecting the most important things you should consider..
    You need to ensure you get truthful facts about the true ownership of that child anf also ensure that every contract between him and his ex with respect to the ownership of that child has been legally settled...This will save the peace of you and your husband...Ensure that you have the ability to accept this child as your own..
    Once you've been done these necessary things satisfactorily, meet them together with your husband and carefully explain everything to them...
    Appreciate them for their love and concern and assure them that you have done what is needful...Do not force your way into the need their approval and blessings...its important


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