Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Art of Foreplay!

It is often said that the greatest organ for lovemaking is the skin and there is no other way to prove this if not in your understanding and appreciation of foreplay. 
Foreplay isn't for ladies only as is generally the impression of men but men also crave for some form of foreplay. 
What is foreplay really? 
It is selfless appreciation, genuine acceptance and sincere desire to celebrate your partner in a manner that words cannot do and sex may never accomplish. 
Yes men are moved by sight of a naked lady but instead of grabbing her like an object ready for pounding, spanking and quick penetrative domination, you can do better by simply submitting to her desire to be celebrated, accepted, adored and appreciated by you. 

Great foreplay begins with good communication skills and sincere compliments of her personality and body. 
You don't shout about her her mistakes some minutes earlier and expect that she will understand that you love her some hours later just because you felt like having sex. 
Start with genuine compliments and kind affection which can be expressed with touch and gifts.

Get a good massaging cream and offer her the best of your time exploring all areas of her body from the sole of her feet to her hairs.
With a good music or meal to set the mood for your journey to the world of fantasy, you will never go wrong with your partner but don't let that hinder your passion if there's power disruption. 
Always have this in mind that every spot of her body contains some nerves that if stimulated in the right manner and feelings and will leave her yearning for more of you. 

Gently stroke her from her hair down to her neck, ears and her back. 
You may use your tongue or hands as you so desire and while at it, kindly remind her of the beauty of her adorable skin and let her know how you feel to behold the beauty of heaven. 
Massage  her buttocks without the urgency of reminding her that her vagina is close by.
Spend some quality time stroking her laps and the back of her knees taking note of how she responded to your touch and expression of love. 

Then gently turn her up so that you can massage her ribs and below her breast. 
Pretend as though you never saw her nipples but observe her reaction and the response of her body as you gently stroke her body with great admiration. 

Don't rush her, because she'll always be there for you and she craves to have you as much as she can. 
Get going slowly, rhythmically and passionately to her vulva and then circle the region of her clitoris with your tongue or hands. 
Do not be too hard on this area because the clitoris is very sensitive to pressure and touch. 

If you must use your hands inside of her, please endeavour to cut your nails and make sure that they are clean. 
Take your fingers at the upper roof of her vagina and gently stroke her with pleasure while letting her know how beautiful and lovely it is to behold such a treasure. 

She yearns to connect with you and be confident in your touch. 
By the time you must have devoted your time to explore different areas of her body, you will discover many other erogenous zones of her body which you were never aware of while enjoying every bit of her skin. 

If you desire to get into the world of her pleasure and passion, depending on the position you desire and is comfortable with, you would have noticed that there is an ocean of love which was made available by her body to enable you flow with her rhythm of passion. 
Do not just pump the semen, connect with her and find out if she's enjoying the ride to paradise. 

Communication is very important in every form of love making and foreplay and as a man it boosts your confidence in taking care of the need of your wife. 
It makes her release her body to the trusted hands of your touch and it also prepares her body for conception. 
Foreplay boosts her chances of experiencing heavenly orgasm which greatly increases her chances of sucking up the semen into her womb where conception takes place. 
So foreplay isn't just a woman's selfish desire but a man's best companion to get the job done without much stress and anxiety. 

Men also need foreplay to help them relax and enjoy lovemaking without feeling the urge to compete with their wives or conquer her with his almighty penis. 
Take your time to massage his chest and remind him why you trust so much in his security and safety and why you chose him even when other men came around. 

Unlike ladies who may not be so comfortable with constant poking of her vagina, men's confidence begins with an erection. 
So do not be shy to let him know how much you adore his penis even though it doesn't guarantee your pension lol. 

Get hold of his testes and gently caress them like a tender egg while pulling them gently. 
Also vary the way you caress his manhood to give him a different sensation and pleasure.

If you are comfortable with giving him some kisses on his penis, please feel free and let him know that you are not ashamed to acknowledge him as your husband. 
Your bedroom is not a place where pastors and priests preach to you but it is a place of companionship and communion with you, your husband and God. 

Relax your mind and focus on selflessly giving your husband the best treat which no gym or spar can offer to him. 
With adequate foreplay comes beautiful lovemaking and bonding. 
Most times all you need to spice up your marriage is simply to give your partner an extraordinary massage and should it lead to a great sex, why not? 

As you look forward to a long holidays, please keep your children busy with their friends or family member and spend some time together. 
If you are newly married and expecting a baby, this is also the time to forget about babies and celebrate love with your husband or wife. 

But if you're single,lol please consider getting married so that you can get a better massage than building your muscles and spending so much on alcohols, I mean you deserve to have a wife of your own than always continue labour without any time of relaxation with your family and children. 
So enjoy your holidays and share your experience with me if you don't mind. 


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  2. Aunty Amara!!! You're just the best!! I am yet to find a woman like you that is so filled with Wisdom both Spiritual and physical.Together with God's Direction,anyone that follows your counsel will not go amiss.This is just too powerful and I won't waste my God-Given and precious body practising this soul-bonding act as a single lady...ITS BETTER DONE WITH MY SPOUSE.Thanks Aunty.


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