Wednesday, September 23, 2015

He Loves Searching my Purse!

Aunty Amara help me out I need your advice and that of your fans. 
I am into a relationship with a guy for some months now, he has proposed to me which I accepted, we have even done our initial introduction planning for out traditional marriage in three to four months time. 
Here is my problem; whenever I am with my fiancĂ© he will like to search my purse and my phone and I hate this character of his so much, I have talked to him about it that I don't like it, it is a very bad attitude for him to keep searching my purse whenever I am with him he promised to find out if anything was wrong with it from his married friends. 
He stopped the character as at the time he went on enquiry after which he continued telling me that all his friends said there was nothing wrong in doing that. 
Honestly am tired of that his character though he normally find nothing in particular whenever he searches either my phone or my purse but to me personally I don't like it, he said he has never found anything which could lead him to be suspicious yet I struggle with him not to search them. 
Aunty am tired of this his character and I want to terminate the traditional marriage because he may continue it after marriage which is disgusting to me. 
Am I right in my decision or not?

Lol yes it can be disgusting and outright annoying for men to possess a lady's secretary box sorry I meant purse. 
That is where you keep your mirror, make up kit and sometimes pad and shouldn't be taken as a toy for exploration of any sort or kind. 
Well I am thinking if that is enough reason for thinking of terminating the traditional marriage, I don't know but I feel that you may be overreacting to this. 
This is the man you desire to spend the rest of your life with and wish to not only share your world and time with him but to also be naked, fart, mess the bed and simply be free with him. 
He's your partner and if that is his weakness, perhaps that might have been how his own mum trained him which makes him addicted to anything that looks like a purse or bag. 
Please I would rather suggest that you bear with him and continue to encourage him not to always disorganise your purse or make you feel terrible by searching your purse. 
Do assure him that you will give him anything that he desires in your purse but not to take your purse. 
Give him some time or better still get him one purse so that he can have it as your precious gift for him. 
Tease him and try to make him up whenever he gets to your purse and he will learn to let your purse be. 
But I feel that you should ignore this part of him and relax your mind over this,my thoughts though. 


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  2. Lol...
    Well...i believe a womans purse is her pocket since most female clothes don't come with pockets.

    Now this might sound weird but i believe it will work...Whenever you have him around, try something crazy...try searching all his pockets too with a straight them like you kept something there which you can't find....just as he searches your pocket(purse), kindly return the favor in the opposite direction...
    Sometimes, it's fun when we do crazy things...seriousness doesn't solve every issue..
    Try this and lets see why he won't stop..

  3. If you don't like it then quit


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