Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I'm Worried About People's Opinions!

Good morning Aunty Amara..
I need your counsel and that of your awesome readers.

I dated a guy four years ago while in the University. For a couple of reasons we parted ways, and then he went on to date two other people before he passed away last year.

Sometime in May this year I reconnected with one of his friends by chance.Prior to then it was just hello hi,but then a lot clicked and we started dating. 
He's every single thing I've ever prayed for..we clicked on so many levels..it's like a miracle.I have that 'this is it' feeling when I'm with him.

He wanted to go meet my family and start the introduction process,but Aunty I'm worried.
Worried about what people would say,  what will our friends say? That I'm moving from one friend to the other? That was one of the reservations I had when he asked me out in the first place..

We have a lot of mutual friends (him,my ex and I) and so far I've only told my closest pals about us. Their reaction was almost always what I predicted. 
First of all they asked me why I chose him knowing he was close to my ex. Then they wish me well.
On his part he doesn't care what anybody thinks or says,but on my part I'm thinking of how best to handle this especially when it becomes public knowledge that we're getting married.

Another thing is he's close to my ex's family.. They see him as their son. What would they say when they find out that the person he wants to marry once dated their son who is now dead? And what would his own parents think when they find out?

This issue has been bothering me and is even affecting the way I act towards him. He noticed that something is bugging me and I don't want to share it just yet.
Aunty please advice me. 
I love him and I want to make it work. What is your take on relationships like this? Do you think we have a chance?

Painful and pathetic as your experience in relationship with your ex was, you sincerely do not owe anyone else the choice of who to get married to. 
Under God, you never killed your ex nor did your friend terminate his friend's life. 
He was close to you by the virtue of his friend and fell in love with you perhaps because of the way his friend related with you or based on the attributes and attitudes you displayed while you were with his friend. 
In as much as you had the desire to get married to him, God had a better plan for him and you can't hurt your partner because of what people feel or think of your relationship. 
If God is part of your relationship journey and your intentions, I see no reason why you should not be happy with him or prepare yourself for marriage with him. 
Your ex is not in the past but with the Lord and this his parents and all his friends can relate to and his friend is neither his blood relatives nor do they share any blood covenant with each other nor did you have any covenant with your ex never to get married to another. 
You can find love in strange places and sometimes in awkward manner. 
Though I understand the sentiments of your friends but there is no reason whatsoever why you should not be happy with your partner and let time heal your pains in your journey. 
There's no need for you to get worried or worked up about the opinions of others if you have the approval of God in your relationship. 
All I feel that you should do is get focused on your relationship and commit everything to God that no plots of the wicked and the enemy shall cut short your joy in your relationship and marriage. 

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