Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Feel Like Fainting!

Good evening Aunty Amara and the Avlites. I have a friend who is a Revd.fr who stays abroad,he is like a friend,mentor,brother and uncle to me. He has molded my life in a high standard.
I have finished year 2(200 level) and will be going to year 3(300). We talk almost everyday on phone(nothing attached to it though)I have always told him that I don't go for weekends,and all plans for my school has been made by him.
There is this other Revd.fr who is our family friend who I visits his parish for livelihood which he is not aware of. I have always been careful anytime I want to talk to him on phone.
But this morning,after house chores,I called him,as we were talking,the fr I came to visit called me to go and tell the little boy that's staying with him to go and get something for him, I went down and told the boy to do fast not knowing that my phone was still leading....
Heeeeeyyyyy!!!!! It was later I checked my phone and found out that he heard all the conversations i made with the boy. Later he called back and started asking where I was,that am playing with his intelligence, that am nothing but I liar,that I should swear if am in school now.
I couldn't help but to end the call and started crying. As I am now,I feel like fainting.
Please what should I do now,do you think he will still listen to me?How do I handle this? Please help.

Cheer up dear and get hold of yourself because fainting wouldn't solve this nor will it change anything really. 
I feel that you need to examine your intentions for your actions and learn to live an honest life. 
I am not comfortable with the fact that you are so close to your pastor when you so much know what their ministry is all about and for you to be receiving money and gifts from two of them simultaneously only shows that you are after what you can gain and not how to appreciate them in their ministry which to me could be the reasons why you were shedding tears. 
Why not live a transparent life and be honest in all your endeavours instead of creating a wrong impression of your personality by doing things that are questionable and detrimental to your success in life. 
Call him back and apologise for this explaining to him what happened and where you were then. 
If you told him lies, then apologise and say the truth and please minimise the way you communicate with them to avoid leading them into temptation and distracting them in their ministry. 


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  3. Dear poster....my advice to you is bitter but simple....Repent!
    If all you said is true and you have no hidden agenda with these men of God, what stopped you from even introducing them to themselves?
    Are they not supposed to be ministers of the Gospel who should be happy knowing and hearing from eachother?...Instead, you chose to cry when he found out the game and now its bothering you...if you are really innocent, why do you feel like fainting?
    If he is your mentor like you claim he is, hearing that you are with a fellow reverend father should make him happy and rest assured that you are in safe hands and you'll even be so eager to let him know that...If he lives the holiness he preaches, what is his pain?...Of course, no lover will like to hear that his lover is in the company of another man...that's what it is...
    It is obvious that you are into something fishy with these so called "men of God" that prefer playing hide and seek games but yet disguise themselves on uniform claiming to have given their sexual satisfaction as a sacrifice to God...
    The bible clearly states that there is more punishment on anyone through which the elects fall into temptation...It went further to say that it is better for a millstone to be hung on such a persons neck and the person cast into the sea...The severity of the punishment is terrible...
    Leave Reverend fathers alone before you face the burning wrath of God...

  4. So much emotions for a rev.fr, am I missing something?

  5. Crying because of a Rev, your story is not complete dear !


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