Monday, September 21, 2015

Should I Wash His Clothes?

Good evening Mrs Amy... Please lets weigh in on this issue,post this.... 
Is it wrong to wash your husband's or boyfriend's clothes? 
A friend just adviced women not to wash their husband's clothes... 
Give your own opinion too... Keep up the Good works.... Daalu (Weldone) 

All that partners do in a relationship or marriage is to basically serve one another with all appreciation and selfless devotion. 
It is not written anywhere how to love your husband  or partner nor does anyone have the right to give commands on what should or shouldn't be done for someone that you love and have vowed to live with for the rest of your life. 
Whatever a partner feels that he or she could do to help or support or appreciate one another is awesome and perfect for their relationship. 
When you are in a relationship with your partner, it is not wise to assume the position of his wife knowing that he may change his mind for whatsoever reasons best known to him so I will so much advice that you wait until he has done the needful before giving him the service and help that he truly needs unless there was an extreme challenge or health issues which may have limited him from helping himself, then you may decide to assist him in any way you deem fit. 
However when you are married to him, there is no commandment nor condemnation if you choose to not only wash his clothes but also decides to bathe him. 
The watch word is let it be out of love and selfless devotion and not out of compulsion or commands. 
And this is not limited to women alone as husbands can also support their wives by assisting with house chores and washing so that their wives can have some time with the children or to rest and relax for the bedroom services. 
And even if couples feel that they cannot wash the clothes of each other, it doesn't mean that their love or marriage isn't awesome or beautiful as what works for you may rock the boat of another. 
The watch word is, find out what works for you and your partner and stick to it because after all marriage was made for two and not the third parties. 

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  1. A boyfriend is not a husband,and your boyfriend is not your husband. The moment you do certain things for a man,and prematurely,it automatically alters the way he sees you and relates with you,and he,himself won't even know why he is behaving the way he is behaving. Things,especially,as they have to do with cooking,laundry,sex and co-habiting. The Male Brain reacts differently to these things,mostimes,in the opposite direction(for example: the guys you reject,tend to want you more,and the ones you accep,tend to take you for granted). Some will even go and marry another person while you are still there waiting,and doing everything. If you go into a relationship and do 'everything',you will MOST LIKELY lose the relationship. There are things to do,and there are things NEVER to do. There are ethics and etiquette for relationships,and they are there for your safety. Ignore them at your own peril. You didn't design marriage/relationship; never try to run them on your terms - it is very dangerous that way. Please note: This phenomenon applies to both genders.

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