Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Vagina is Loose!

Thank you very much for your help to us.May the good Lord continue to help you.
Please aunt I would like to have your help.
I have been with my husband for five months now but my vagina is becoming very loose.
Can any thing be done to tighten it?Please ineed your agent help because am losing interest in sex and am worried my hasband has started taking very long in the act.

Kegel exercise is one of the most important exercise which is both harmless to the body and healthy for your vagina floor muscles. 
The main purpose of Kegel exercise is to strengthen the floor muscles just like what men do when they desire to build up their chest muscles. 
This is because with a good floor muscle, sex looks a whole lot beautiful and you have a better grip on his penis whenever he thrust into your body. 
To practice Kegel floor exercise is simple and easy. 
When you are urinating, and the urine is flowing in high velocity, simply cut the flow and draw the flow back for about thirty seconds, then release it and repeat the same process after one minute. 
With time you will learn to precondition your mind to practice it even when you are not urinating. 
Do this as often as you can and that will take good care of your floor muscles for great effect during love making. 
Also there are positions that will enhance your grip on the penis and make you experience greater pleasure while making love with your husband. 
Positions like side slide position(you place one of your legs on his shoulder while he enters from the side of your vagina) , cow girl position(you are on top of him facing the direction of his legs) , spoon position(he enters from behind while you lie by your side)  and the missionary position with some adjustments*(here you add pillow under your buttocks so that he can stimulate your walls) . 
These positions will enable you maximise your vagina without feeling as though it's loose or not sensitive enough. 
Also it is very important for you to be properly stimulated before penetrative sex to enable your muscles and body get ready for some good times. 
Before adjusting to any position of your choice, please ensure that you are physically fit and that such position is comfortable for you and your husband. 
It takes practice and patience to discover the best position to enjoy sex with your husband. 
Do not let this overwhelm your desire to celebrate your marriage with great sex, but continue to practice and communicate with your husband to find better ways to enjoy lovemaking in your marriage. 

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