Thursday, September 24, 2015

Is It Bad for a Single Lady to Live Alone?

Good day aunty Amara. I love this page because it's has been very helpful to me. 
Before now I based in my state, Anambra, but recently I got a job that pays me N80000 per month. I stay with my brother and family, but honestly I have gotten more than enough insult, it's unbearable, especially from his wife. 
Now I'm planning to get an apartment for myself. What is bothering me is the fact that many people, more especially my close friends said it's very bad for a single lady to live alone in such big city. 
That people do see such person as a prostitute, and it also scare men away. 
I'm 29, not into any relationship. Please I really need your advice and that of your great fans too, to enable me know a better way to go about this. Thank you.

My dear, what your friends painfully close to you said is simply a lie for lack of a simpler word to use. 
If a hardworking and industrious lady who chooses to live in her own space be tagged a prostitute, then what will happen should such a lady decide not to get married? 
I feel that you are surrounded by beautiful faces and ugly heart kind of friends and the earlier you understand that, the better for you and your vision in life. 
Before thinking of living for men, please live for God and yourself. 
Life still exists and is still lovely and beautiful even if there's no man around so you shouldn't live under the eyes of men or strive to catch men all because some set of individuals feel that without a man, all ladies shouldn't be existing. 
Live out your passion and go for what you love, focus more on developing yourself and discovering your passion in life and destiny and your husband will locate you without stress. 
What I am more concerned with is the fact that renting an apartment now may be expensive or exorbitant for you considering that you just started working not quite long ago. 
I would rather suggest that you save up some money, endure the uncomfortable challenges of your in law and focus more on what you intend to achieve from now till June next year before moving out to your own apartment. 
In our journey to greatness and self discovery we may experience some uncomfortable moments sometimes from those we love not because they hate us but because God intends to use some of those experiences to build our strength of character and prepare us for our own journey. 
Please do not lose focus on where God is taking you in life. 
Be grateful for their shelter and feeding and humble yourself even when it's simply painful and humiliating for you while saving some money to rent your apartment when your feet must have been stronger than it is now. 
Commit everything to God, do not exchange words with your brother's wife and please do not let anyone make you feel that being independent is a sin to otherwise is actually true. 
I am hopeful that God will perfect the desires of your heart and soul. 

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  1. I don't think it's a bad idea for a lady to stay alone...
    There comes a time in everybodys life when privacy becomes very essential...I'm a huge fan of privacy..
    People must always talk..
    You stay with your brothers family, some will call you an ungrateful pest ..
    You stay alone, some will call you a prostitute...
    Anything you do, people must talk...
    Live your life the way you want it as long as it doesn't affect others negatively..
    Don't be suprised that some of those saying this will still come to attach with you for free when you get an apartment..
    Live your life!


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