Tuesday, September 8, 2015

She Aborted Three Times, Please Help!

Good evening Amara. First thing I want to thank you for the work that you are doing to the followers of this page.
I am a boy man of 29 dating a lady of 20. We are both a students at a different institution. It's her first semester while its my final year at college. Its almost a year now in our relationship. We live in the same village.
Ever since we met, I was doing an investigations about her past before I take our relationship to the next level.
I found out that she carried out an abortion three times. That was the sadest moment when I heard about that, I asked myself a question, how could somebody kill her own flesh?
But I didn't find a suitable answer for that. Even though life gives us a challenge, she was not supposed to take that decision, now I am confused, help me, should I continue with her or move on with my life and also advice me, if I am moving on, which easier way to move on without hurting anyone? Thank you in advance.

I understand how you feel about her decisions and choices in her life. 
If she truly carried out three abortions then I know that you will have great concerns about her womb and the state of her organ. 
But do you know that it took the man who rejected his own child to push the lady into aborting her own flesh? 
It took a man's deception to force her into murder of her own babies. 
I am not in any way justifying her decision but unto God, the man who donated his sperm has equal reward with the lady that aborted her children. 
She did all these things when she was ignorant of the consequences of her decision. 
She may have done more terrible things but if she has genuinely repented and she has been transformed by God's word, I believe that she deserves love and happiness in life. 
If we all take a journey to our past few weeks, we must find many reasons to judge, punish, and condemn every soul in the universe but what law could not do, love perfected through God's son Jesus Christ. 
He died for all miserable offenders,cleansed us from every filthiness of sins, flushed every dead conscience and gave us the rare privilege to become his very own when we submit our heart and life to him. 
If God could love you a miserable offender saved by God's grace, who are you to judge this lady unfairly? 
Why would you condemn her even before meeting with her? 
If God could use a harlot to fulfil his purpose for humanity, do you feel that this lady is beyond redemption or love? 
When we get close to those we love, we don't judge them and if we desire anything good from God, then we must learn to first give love to those we feel may have been through trying times and unpleasant circumstances. 
This lady to me is like every other lady who has good intentions but has ended up with many terrible decisions and choices in life. 
The real question for me will be, will you be the love that will heal her of her weaknesses or will you take your own portion and leave her? 
The real test of your love will be, what positive impact has your presence made in her life ever since you came into her life and what will she remember you with when you are gone. 
Before making up your mind on whether to consider her or move on to another lady please discuss with her and confirm your findings to avoid making assumptions or conclusions that may be false or simply untrue. 
Love helps the weak to be strong, helps the hurting feel loved, supports those who are failing and guide them to the right path of life. 
When you are convinced of what you need or the future of the relationship, be honest enough to open up to her and be kind to let her be. 

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