Tuesday, September 8, 2015

He Gets Angry At Every Little Thing.

Good day ma'am, may God bless you for the good work you are doing, please I need your advise and that of your fans. 
I have been married for five years and blessed with two kids, am 28 years while my husband is 43 years, everything was going well until last year when my husband had financial problems though I have been supporting through my little business. 
The issue is that since my husband lost his job he gets angry at any little thing, we quarrel a lot, we don't spend time together even to discuss as husband and wife. Whenever he is at home he is either browsing or chatting. If I complain that we need time for ourselves he will say that he might get connection through browsing. 
That have made me lose interest in him, i don't have feeling for him again. 
I am not interested in sex again, I go to bed every night with fear should he ask for sex. 
Whenever he ask for sex, I just do it to please him so he will not have reasons to cheat, I just lie down like a wood for him to do what he wants and get up. 
Please help me, what can I do to bring back that love I had for him because we were not like this before, we were so sweet, what can I do to enjoy sex again? 
I want a happy home even if we are managing because I believe things will soon change for us. 
Sorry for the long write up and wrong spelling. Thanks

Every weather comes with its attendant challenges which may bring some discomfort to your body so are the phases of marriage. 
Your husband may appear as though he's not as hardworking and visionary as he was when you first met him. 
He may not be showing so much passion and zeal to provide the basic needs of the family as he was in the past but I must be candid with you, he may be as worried if not more worried about this challenge as you are. 
As I meditated on your mail, I remembered about 1200 staff that were laid sometimes this week, I also remembered many others who may have been exposed to the unpleasant times of the economy. 
Many of them were bread winners of their home but they are today looking as though they had no plans in life because of the changes in the economy. 
I was moved when I thought about them because I know that the dynamics of their homes may not be the same if their partner doesn't support them as much as they did in the beginning. 
No man feels happy and comfortable without some funds in his pocket to share with his wife and children. 
No man feels motivated knowing that he couldn't do those things that he promised his wife before he got married to her. 
This is where you need to show how much you appreciate him even without the flow of cash. 
This is where you need to cover him from the cold hands of embarrassments and assure him of your support any time of the day. 
This where you need to cheer him up and remind him of those moments that made you choose him over all other men in the world. 
This is where you need to share the little you have with him and appreciate him for believing in your ability. 
When you celebrate the man in him, he would be motivated to go out and fight for your own comfort and happiness. 
While he works hard to find another place of job or business, encourage him by looking out for any opportunities in your church or from your relatives. 
Find out areas of his strength and seek for offers in such areas, do not feel ashamed or uncomfortable with the present state of your finances, currency is just like a current of water, it flows and irrespective of the present challenges, it must surely get to you when you support your husband by faith and pray for him with great hope and gratitude. 
All he craves for is your love and affection that is beyond how much he's making currently and it begins with your body language and your communication skills to him. 
Go all out and celebrate your husband, make love to him because you believe in his personality as your husband not because you want to please him and prevent him from going outside. 
Ask him how he feels and what you can do to support his vision, help him in any way possible and within your limits. 
If the funds be there, you may suggest that he venture into agriculture or other businesses that may yield more funds for your home. 
While you physically do all these things, always remember to seek the face of God in prayers and fasting. 
Do not give up on your marriage and your husband but always remember that God has given you the favour that will transform the labour of your husband to great prosperity. 
Give love another chance to blossom in your heart and you shall indeed celebrate the love that you so much desire in your marriage. 

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  1. And your love for him suddenly grew stiff dead because he doesn't spend much time with you as you so desire...Unbelievable...
    Sincerely, you sound so selfish...you should be concerned with making him a happy man rather than crying out that you no longer enjoy sex with a man who has not recovered from the shock of being jobless...
    If you effectively play your role as a helpmate and a comforter, i see no reason why he'll be glued to his phone but it seems all you ar focused on is enjoying sex with him...
    The real test of commitment and love in marriage lies in difficult situations...This is the worst time for you to nag or complain about your man...Emotional breakdown affects everything about a man...His attitude, psychology, sex drive and mood never remain the same and that is why he needs your care and love to scale through this torrid time...
    I don't want to believe you loved him only when the going was good...prove it now


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