Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Heart Beats For Him!

Good morning madam. please ma I need your help and that of your wonderful fans. 
Am the type that doesn't believe that real love exist after what I passed through in the hand of the guy I once fell in love with. There is this guy I met online, he was so nice to me. I love the way he talks, looks and others. I know that it may sound crazy and that is why I need your help. 
The other day he asked me to send him my account number and the bank am operating with so that he can send me money that I will use to buy things cos he wanted me to look great in this upcoming christmas but I rejected his offer. 
He always said that he has strong feelings for me that he loves me. I feel the same thing for him. 
He's not in this country but he said that he will come to Nigeria for his vacation. 
My heart beats for him but my problem now is how to tell him my feeling towards him.
Have suffered so I wouldn't want anyone to toy with my feelings.

I wouldn't doubt your convictions about this man nor will I condemn your feelings for him. 
My sincere advice and suggestion will be that you apply caution and wisdom when you are blind dating. 
This is because some of the people you know online may not necessarily be the same when you get to meet with them. 
Photoshop and image maker has changed the appearance of a lot of things and with the help of technology  you might be in Aria Aria in Aba and make calls with a Dubai phone number. 
I'm not in anyway dampening your spirit nor am I discouraging you but I must encourage you to be safe and wise when dealing with such relationship. 
Please be patient with him and do not express your feelings for him until you have met with him and you are comfortable with his personality and purpose in life. 
Some men can go to any length to convince you of their love for you only to have sex and bid you goodbye. 
Please you need life to fall in love so please guide your life and do not expose yourself to anything that may threaten your life and safety in any form or manner. 
If you must meet with him, let it be in an open place and not in the hotel or his apartment. 

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  1. Well....The first line of an article which madam Amara Van-Lare wrote sometime ago shouldn't depart from your memory and i quote "Everybody is a champion on facebook"...
    Yes...you only know about his facebook life...you know nothing about his the real life situation...
    It's normal to admire a person via social network...but it's also necessary we take appropriate precautions knowing that Facebook doesn't say it all...
    Don't be too desperate...Keep calm....
    Probably you've fallen for this nice guy but there are still lots of things unknown to you about him...
    Just take it slow.....be careful


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