Monday, September 28, 2015

She Doesn't Ask for Sex!

Please ma,I need your advice that of AVL group. 
Ever since I got married in 2003 I have been the one asking for sex always not that she does not like it because when ever am on it, I noticed that she enjoys it even more. 
My problem now is why can't she ask for it, why am I the only one asking for it as if am the only one who is in need of it. 
As a man I also want to feel being wanted too. I have tried talking to her but each time she feels it's not necessary but it's getting me worked up. 
Advice me please. 

Some women were raised with so many ill information about sex and men while some had been made to believe that getting wild and enjoying sex is a sin. 
I've also come across a man who claimed that having sexual desire for your husband or wife is a sin or even as a single person. 
Some also are of the opinion that a woman shouldn't open up and demand for sex as that makes them a loose woman and not a virtuous woman. 
These and many more are some of the information which many ladies out of ignorance and the respect of their pastor and some of their friends were forced to swallow and as such cannot open up and enjoy God given sex. 
For others it may be as a result of their horrible experiences which they may have had in the past such as rape or sexual abuse and that closed their thoughts and appreciation of sex. 
The last set of individuals who detest sex are ladies who got married to the "undress, insert, release and remove" kind of men. 
They are too excited to appreciate her hair and too impatient to see that her nipples are not erect talk less of their vagina being wet. 
Out of their selfish desire to enjoy sex and dominate women, they end up painting an ugly image of sex to their wives who unless dragged into it may not have the urge for it. 
These women have to endure many pains to please their husbands for the fear of hearing that he's cheating with another lady. 
But the good news is that as her closest companion and friend you have all you need to awaken the sexual drive in her. 
Begin with communicating with her, find out what her thoughts and perceptions of sex is like, give her some time to open up and share her views and opinions with you. 
Sex doesn't begin when your penis is erect but it begins with every word you say and actions you take. 
For women, sex begins with communication and when you give her the freedom to communicate effectively with you without fear of being judged or attacked by you, you may unlock the wildest woman on earth in your room.
When she opens up, you will know the areas where you need to encourage her, support her, understand her and improve in your lovemaking with her.  
Listen to her and focus on meeting her sexual needs, spend more time in foreplay (Read More here)  and let her know how much you desire that she makes you scream and moan with pleasure. 
Appreciate her beauty and make her feel proud with her body. 
Assure her that she's married and therefore not a sin to undress you and rock you as she pleases and do let her know that you are proud of her as your wife and companion. 
If she experiences pains or discomfort during sex, you may need to find out what could have been the root cause and address it so that the room doesn't get cold because of the cold weather. 
I'm certain that with time, understanding and patience, your wife will give you many reasons to smile and be happy with your family.


  1. Dear poster
    Since you know she enjoys it and doesn't show any sign of resistance whenever you demand for it..keep doing your thing my brother....that is more important than who makes the first move...
    Many people cannot drive cars yet they enjoy been driven around...
    To add a little to what Avl said...
    Make sure she doesn't have a spiritual leader that feeds her with wrong informations about the initiation of sex being solely a mans many fake preachers are everywhere..

  2. @Joseph: You are on point! Lol.

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  3. I want to see the 100 s position by Tracey cox


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